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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Those damned Changes

What's Mallard raving about today?


I ask Mallard to cite statistics to prove that the USPS delivers mail to the wrong address at a statistically significant rate. This is not my experience of the USPS, but I accept that my experience is simply a point sampling. Mallard must obviously have data to back up his claim, or he'd simply be a fucking liar. And we all know...OK, here's where I can no longer keep a straight face.


Tog said...

Good one, DaveyK. My own experience has been that the USPS keeps delivering mail to a person's address long after they've left without forwarding instructions.

Which is hardly the USPS's fault.

Of course, regular readers are only too painfully aware that Batshit, selective champion of Teh Free Market That Isn't Really Free, hates any Big Gubbermint service that isn't devoted (in what passes for Batshit's "mind") to killing, imprisoning, or torturing people.

DiR said...

That also wouldn't cut costs. But that's here nor there.
Since he's repeating, I will too: Bruce, the employees in service industries give you shitty service BECAUSE THEY HATE YOU. Yes, you, specifically, singled out. Why? Because you're using your national platform to call them lazy retards on a regular basis. Can't imagine how your package accidentally had the door closed on it 47 times.

Kip W said...

It's pretty obvious the USPS misdirects mail, because Tinsley only gets one or two approving letters a week, and he can smell his grandma's perfume on them before he even opens them.

rewinn said...

1. Tinshley can't be a "F-ing Liar" because he obviously isn't getting any lately ... if ya know what I mean

2. When I was in the business of shipping hundreds of packages a week via USPS, I had a nondelivery rate of pretty close to zero. This is also the experience of several hundred thousand sellers on Amazon's website, so I'd suggest that Tinshley STFU.

3. The USPS is in financial trouble mostly because Congress is forcing it to fully fund pensions decades in advance, something that its competitors, e.g. UPS, don't have to do. Why is the government interfering in the free market this way?

4. The reichwing is attacked the USPS because its employees are paid well, including pensions that provide a decent and dignified retirement. This offends the 1%

5. By the way, when will Ducky address Occupy Wall Street? The most significant domestic political movement of the year is too scary for him ... or is he just waiting to attack it like he attacked the Arab Spring?

6. I have just spent more time commenting on today's "comic" than anyone spent "writing" it!

Bill the Splut said...

Man, THIS again. Why doesn't he wrap up all of his bizarre obsessions, and have the letter go to a "pop tart" who isn't a racist, unless she's a minority which means she is a racist, and have it written by a caricatured Jew Liberal complaining about how bad TV is? Bonus: crotch shot.

WV: ableone, something Bruce most definitely is not

John Ball said...

The Right Wing hatred of the Postal Service is--to my mind at least--another great example of how their love for the Founding Fathers as abstract symbols, in no way precludes hating nearly everything those gentlemen wished to accomplish as a nation.

Frank Stone said...

Shorter "Mallard Fillmore": "Hur-hur! Th' Post Office, amirite?"

If only the guv'mint, including the Post Office, could be privatized and run by Big Business (oh, and fundamentalist Christianity were officially made the state religion, with any dissent punishable by death), then all our problems would be solved and everyone would be happy, right, Mallard?

Andrew said...

Psst- Tinsley!

The whole "cut Saturday deliveries and close processing centers" thing? The Post Office didn't propose that. It's part of the proposal of California Republican Rep. Issa, which also proposes cutting employess wages and collective bargaining rights!

You're suppose to be in favor of it!

It's okay- ust write-up next Sunday's strip to the new talking points. Most of your readers don't have the ability to recognize contradictions in arguements.

Verification-"cesom": "'Cesom good medicine your givin', me, doc!' slurs Tinsley to his bartender.