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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those damned Dogs

What's Mallard raving about today?


Meanwhile, most lies on the comics pages are caused by dressing a duck in a tweed jacket and no pants.


Tog said...

For Batshit, there's no better set-up for a punchline than the neglect and abuse of animals.

(Well, except maybe for the neglect and abuse of humans, but editors canned his weeklong set in which a child professes gratitude for Rush Limbaugh's compassionate advice on foraging in dumpsters, and that was the end of that. Why even f***ing bother when stoopit liburlz are just going to censor you and violate your freedom of speech?)

Steve-O said...

That is the most poorly rendered animal I've seen since I watched "Napoleon Dynamite".

Come on Bruce, draw a liger for us.

dlauthor said...

Bruce is just upset that the thing in the tutu is a dog and not a seven-year-old girl.

rewinn said...

Dog are funny creatures, from our point-of-view. They definitely have emotions, but not the same way we do. The dog who would be embarrassed by wearing a tutu would have to be some sort of supergenius who KNOWS what a tutu is; every other dog would not have the least idea what was going on, but feel happy to be doing something that pleases the pack leader..... kind of like a GOPper in that way.

Kip W said...

For the dog, comfort is the issue. If it doesn't like the feel of something, and it's not necessary, then it's a sort of cruelty. It varies from dog to dog.

The real issue is that Tinsley doesn't like looking at it, so of course it must be stopped. Damn nanny state: why isn't it concerned with his, er, pet issue?

Steve-O said...

Also, if this is such a problem won't the free market take care of it?

Why does Bruce Tinsley hate the free market system?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

75% of the stupidity and evilin the world is contained within Bruce Tinsley.

Word Verification: Unhera, Hera was inbred, extremely violent and irrational, and wreaked bloody vengeance on anyone who upset her. Tinsley is the opposite of unhera.

Bill the Splut said...

Ha ha! It's funny because dogs get abused! Maybe the dog's family has a spouse and children who are also beaten, wheeee hahahahaha!


Frank Stone said...

Good grief -- is that what a dog looks like to Bruce Tinsley?? The world as seen through his eyes must be a nightmarish and horrifying place. This explains quite a lot, actually.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Garfield makes a joke that requires intelligence from the reader, and speaks to the the human condition and the nature of sexual repression without commenting on either:

Tinsley, meanwhile, has spent the last week rambling nonsensically about how much he hates humanity, sex, pleasure, the old, the young, women, men, clothing, animals, torture victims, foreigners, progressives, dark-skinned guys, healthy food, cars, modern technology, social services, jobs, regulation, voters, thinkers, workers and everything else.

Word verification: Tednityr, a member of a lost Amazon tribe that has not seen anyone or anything from the outside world for over 2,000 years. Even he hates Mallard Fillmore/

DiR said...

Shorter Bruce: What every happpened to the Transylvanian Twist?