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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Those damned Democrats

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Mallard Fillmore, for once, hits close to the heart of the actual problem.

Mind you, if anyone pointed out that the issue is that Democrats don't understand why President Obama is sacrificing what is right for the country in a vain attempt to compromise with extremists who care more for party than the country, Mallard's head would expose.

So, you know, someone point that out to him.


Kip W said...

Ohhhh yeah, the brown thing is supposed to be Obama, isn't it? Looks like a potato that wants to be Naboo freighter.

Kip W said...

ps: New Adventures of Queen Victoria has been eating your lunch all week, Tin Eye.

Steve-O said...

When one party's goal is not just the defeat but the destruction of the opposing president it makes for a difficult atmosphere for the president to get anything done. It would e nice if the press would point this out instead of playing the "Both sides are bad! durrr" game.

Bill the Splut said...

Yeah, he's worthless wimp who has no power. How many days before Bruce does another strip where Obama's a ruthless Socialist Sharia law dictator?

And the Democrats think he's so unreelectable that he's running unopposed. I've lost track of how many GOP candidates there currently are.

WV: dicancr; Repubs would happily see the country di of cancr if it meant defeating Obama

Borborygmy said...

Someone asked me once to define "epistemic closure". Answer: Mallard Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

And yet another strip that seems to be an exact copy of previous strips, with just the nonsensical wording changed. Is there anyone else who can be so lazy, and yet keep their job?


Kip W said...

It's all the fault of that liberal Spend-o-crat Noseworthy. A hard-ass conservative would have thrown him out of the paper years ago for being a goof-off, but Noseworthy's bound and determined to prove that he's not prejudiced by running a strip that caters to the coveted "too stupid to read" demographic.

CW in LA said...

I've seen it pointed out that the president is forced to eviscerate all of his positions and ours not to appease the Republicasn per se so much as the right wing of his allegedly own party: The conservadems, the blue dogs, the DINOs, the Joe Fucking Liebermans, etc., etc., etc. These are ones who have really wrecked everything since election night '08.

Tog said...

There's plenty of blame for everybody: Obama also knows that, not so long ago, Americans had it relatively cushy --- and, in their greed and stupidity, immediately installed the little goobersnot and his cabal of masters who reduced our nation to the mess it is today. FOR TWO TERMS.

...With, I might point out for the nth time, the assistance of the Naderheads (who even now are vacillating between "it wasn't our fault!" and "we'll do it again if we don't get our way!"), who seem to think a third-party gadfly will somehow accomplish more in such a polarized system.

CW in LA said...

And I'll submit, Tog, that the two elections of the elderly goobersnot in the '80s were at least as self-indulgent and self-destructive as those of the little goobersnot in the previous decade.

rewinn said...

The goobersnots lost in 1776-9, but they didn't go away.
There will always be an East India Company, and people content to slave for them so long as they can look down on someone else.
Meanwhile, wanna guess how ducky is going to address Occupy Wall Street?

Neo Tuxedo said...

(I tried to post this earlier, but it failed because I didn't pay enough attention to the tab.)

rewinn skrev:
Meanwhile, wanna guess how ducky is going to address Occupy Wall Street?

Once it gets to the point where he can no longer ignore it, I assume you mean? I suspect I'm getting a preview via some posts by a world-class ganchn on the politics section of a fandom message board I frequent. I'll give you the subject lines; you can probably extrapolate the content from them:

Demonstrating vs. the wrong people, for the wrong reasons
I'm mad that some people make more money than I do
"It's the corporations, man!"

rewinn said...

@Neo - "ganchn" and "skrev" seem like great words that I more-or-less understand without ever having heard them before. This has nothing to do with Mallard Fillmore, more to do with the flexibility of the English language, as used by experts....which means it REALLY has nothing to do with Mallard Fillmore.

Neo Tuxedo said...

@rewinn: "ganchn" was the WV for the post, being abused for comic purposes. "skrev" is "wrote" in some Scandinavian language; I first encountered it on Usenet, sometime in the 90s as I recall, via at least one poster whose quoting of others' text was topped off with "[name] skrev". (Though my favorite such topper is still "Lord" Jeff Conti's "While completely naked, [name] spouted the following".)

Kip W said...

When Tin Eye gets wind of the Wall Street (etc) protests, we can be sure he'll parrot the party line: unemployed potheads with bongo drums who go to the bathroom outside. He'd like to steal from the best, but he'll settle for PJ O'Rourke.