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Monday, March 03, 2008

Golden Ellipses: Strangest Animal

And the winner is...
In the category of "Strangest Animal" we have the following nominees:
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BillyWitchDoctor said...

I'm sorry--what's "ROUSS?" I Goog'd it, but the first result was a punk band with a delightfully obscene song title, and it went downhill from there.

"Wooly Mammoth" is a favorite because the animal looks like a cross between a Monty Python's Flying Circus animation and a Dr. Seuss nightmare (filtered through Tinsley's incompetence, of course), plus the strip itself is about as conceptually idiotic as it gets...ever.

But for sheer "doesn't even resemble what it's supposed to be" value, I don't think you can beat that hippowhatsis. That's freaking sick. Pro tip for Tin-Tin: professional artists use references.

DaveyK said...

ROUSs - Rodents of Unusual Size. From The Princess Bride.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, God, I should've known that. I should've KNOWN that!

"Now Ah am heah, but soon, you will not be heah! The Dwead Piwate Wobahts has come...for yuah...soullllll!"


Kaitlyn said...

A mallard is an animal, isn't it?

Kaitlyn said...

Most of these are from Sunday panels.

This is how he uses the extra space?

Draw a fazuetnp, Bruce. Maybe it will look like a real animal.

12xuser said...

Oh yeah, gotta be the large blue rodent with human feet.

Distant Second place: The pit bull that looks nothing like a pit bull.

Michael said...

I'd say it looks more like a "hairy scrote" trunk than a "penis trunk".

Anyway, I'm voting for pit bull because it has the least resemblance to what it's actually supposed to be. It looks more like those demons from Ghostbusters.

The blue rat with human feet comes in second for me.