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Sunday, March 23, 2008

That damned Psalm

What's Mallard talking about today?

Psalm 31.

Happy Easter everyone.


factinista said...

And here I thought that Tinsley would use today to somehow twist Jesus' message of love into a rant about liberals. The man's showing remarkable self-restraint.

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago, he published a Sunday strip a couple weeks after Easter, where he "apologized" for missing it. I put apologized in quotes because he blamed the mechanics of cartooning for the two-week delay, and Easter itself for having the nerve to move around from year to year.

That strip made me suspect that despite his professed piety, Tinny rarely, if ever sees the inside of a church. After all, any church bulletin will tell you several weeks in advance how many Sundays before Easter it is.

For me, that strip showed how many "conservatives" are quite willing to use religion as a club to beat others with, but care little about it themselves.

(I would post a link to that strip, but I only see the last two months in the archive.)


BillyWitchDoctor said...

JBC: I missed that one, but he's also issued a two-week-late "apology" for forgetting Veterans' Day, not too long ago. (Way to "support the troops," Tin-Tin.) Same rules as you describe apply there as well.

Jewish World Review has Mallard archives, but a bit of trouble is required to go back any further than a couple of months; if you go into an available week, then alter the date in the URL, you should get a series of "suggestions" for the correct page. Once you've got the weekly pattern sussed out for the period you're looking in, you can manually alter the URL to move through the archives.

...If, you know, you want to.

Factinista: Well, Mallard does bid comfort to "all you who hope in the Lord."

...By which he no doubt means his personal vision of "the Lord"--a fat white neocon dittohead who is best buds with Falwell and Buckley, and hates hippies. Besides, Tinsworld is no different from the fantasylands of Jack T. Chick or Preteena: just invoking Christianity is supposed to send us godless commie rat bastards into paroxysms of pea-sour projectile vomiting as the cloven-hooved demons within us scream for mercy.

And that's the only reason that, for three or four days out of the year, Tinny pretends to be Christian.

Kaitlyn said...

He doesn't look strong, he looks tiny.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Jewish World Review only archives the daily strips, not Sunday, so I can't dig it up for you there.


rewinn said...

Today: lazy writing, again.

Quoting from another author is not always lazy writing. To the contrary: carefully selecting a quote for relevance to a current event, and accompanying it with a drawing that brings to life the point of the quote, is not easy and can be quite creative.

But today's "comic"?

The drawing says nothing. AND it says nothing about the quote, except to suggest that it comes from a book (which most people already knew.)

BUT most of all, the quote gets the reader thinking that we're going to read something relevant to a contemporary religious matter, and naturally concludes that it's Passover (if you're Jewish) or Easter (if you're Christian). BUT the quote refers to nothing abour redemptions, renewal, new life, or whatever your Spring religious holiday means. It's a generic, practially New Age appeal to "be strong".

Does the drawing help us figure out what "be strong" means?

Apparently: "sit and look bored" ... which is most likely exactly what most readers did.

BillyWitchDoctor said...




There. Now I don't look so sputid.

luke said...

Kaitlyn: ..and isolated and cold and vulnerable.

This is the most hilarious Mallard Fillmore in a while.