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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Those damned youth

What's Mallard raving about today?

Youth, Education.

Standard Mallard Fillmore recipe: One part idiotic conclusion based on a right-wing propaganda outlet, one part straw man.

All that's missing is the youthful baggy pants,which make Mallard so damned angry, and it'd be perfect.


factinista said...

So he's trying to twist this into another complaint about political correctness? Heaven help us all.

BillyWitchDoctor said...


A perfect example of proper educational priorities...right-wing style.

...Who is this li'l squit, anyway? He seems to be doing a TV newscast. Has WFDR (rolls eyes) hired Chet's young cousin as its official "Liberal Idiot Youth Strawperson" or something?

exanonymous said...

American education is stoopid and the people making a big stink are the evil libruls with misplaced concerns.

Did I miss anything in my summary of Bruce's fantasy?

(Guess he did take the test and fail miserably or he'd spend more strips talking about how people didn't know what a junta was. By the way, I got that one right, thanks to my college education. Wasn't sure about the political affiliation of the professor who mentioned it, but it blows two neocon theories out the water either way it's put: either he's a hired conservative or he's a quiet liberal who didn't force his political views)

12xuser said...

Actually, "freshman" is being replaced by "first year" more and more, because it is more descriptive and gender-neutral. I assume Mallard has a problem with that.

Kaitlyn said...

I've never heard "freshperson" to describe a first year college/high school student.

And I'm a liberal PC wackadoo!

It just sounds stupid, and there are more important things than being a first year student. (Like getting the money to be a second year student!)

When someone asks me what year I am, I always say freshman. Doesn't matter to me.

I joined the campus democrats. I'm sure all our discussions will be about changing freshman to freshperson.

rewinn said...


The first "panel" ended with the very rare three-dot ellipsis.

Clip and save!

Anonymous said...

You mean the British term "fresher" isn't in use as a gender neutral alternative to "freshman"?

dlauthor said...

We always used "frosh" when I lived in Canada (which is, of course, full of dirty liberal hippie commie scum).

Michael said...

"Freshperson" discriminates against turnips. I suggest "fresh individual".

By the way, this is an awesome recipe.