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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That damned drawing

What's Mallard raving about today?

Presidential candidates.

Mallard sustained his threat exactly once before capitulating utterly and returning to his standard buck-toothed caricature of Senator Clinton.

His spineless capitulation makes me wonder if Mallard is secretly a Democrat, which is ironic since that appears to be what he's saying about Senator McCain.


Anonymous said...

Senator McCain? I thought that looked more like Gerald Ford!

devin said...
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BillyWitchDoctor said...

Poor widdle Tinny--stupid America just doesn't want Big Wally Willy or Big Mikey Hucky to rewrite the Constitution. His best bet is currently a cowardly war veteran (ptoo!). A sucker! Where are the real heroes this time--those brave, brave Republicans who had "other priorities" or influential Daddies when their country needed them to go die overseas?

I'll bet sometimes Tinny just wants to move to Europe.

We all knew he wouldn't keep his word about Clinton from day one. ...I just didn't think he could come up with caricatures worse than hers.

Your boys had their chance for a long time, Tin-Tin, and they screwed up big. Get ready to suck it for years to come, beating dead horses furiously every day to take your mind off of your life-failure.

Scanman said...

You know how unfunny Tinsley is when he missed out a golden opportunity to do a great sight gag. He could have had the photo of Hillary next to the drawings of Barack and McCain. How funny would that have looked?

luke said...

Uh, wrong link, Davey.

Not that the right link is worth clicking on.

luke said...

Has Tins ever even seen any of these people? It's like he's a caricaturist filling in for a police sketch artist.

He can't even keep the fucking joke straight. Obama is standing on a cloud... Hillary is still standing... the mysterious gentleman on the left is... what. "On your left." He probably wrote that first and then thought, "Oh huh! I could make the other two talk about STANDING, like where they 'stand' and stuff! Hilarious! And then I'll alternate between thought and word balloons for no reason other than my being a fucking idiot!"

Michael said...

Thanks, luke, for pointing out the joke about "standing" he was trying to make. When you forget your own jokes halfway through drawing a comic, I think it's time to protect your remaining synapses by switching to IBC Root Beer.

Pete Sampras/Ming the Merciless eyebrows notwithstanding, Obama's chin has been steadily growing since he first appeared in Mallard Fillmore. Now it has its own face, like Kuato in Total Recall. Maybe it's part of the right-wing "Obama is secretly a Muslim" meme - Obama may not be a Muslim, but his mutant chin IS!

Michael said...

And Tinsley didn't break his Hillary photo vow; that's actually white Condi Rice.

john said...

Another day, another pile of crap from Bruce Tinsley, who should otherwise be known as the ABSOLUTE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET, seeing that he actually gets PAID for this. PAID!!!!!!!! It boggles the mind!

factinista said...

Mallard actually believes the garbage about Hillary being farther to the left than Obama? What a tool.

Kaitlyn said...

Not only are all the drawings hideous, he can't even get the expression on Hillary's face right!

If she's relieved, she should look worried or happy or gah anything but that!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Wednesday's strip is up, but I gotta go to bed afore I die.

Tinny is equating his Hillary caricatures and scribbles of heroin-addicted, zombified, shoulderless Chantel with women's equality.

Jeez Louise.

File this one away for next year's Golden Ellipses, kids. It cannot be beaten.

Nice straw man there, Tinpot.

luke said...


But he drew McCain FIRST, meaning that he apparently had no joke to begin with and just made one up as he went along. Or else he had one in mind but had a mini-stroke and abandoned it halfway through.