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Monday, March 31, 2008

That damned double standard

What's Mallard raving about today?

Eliot Spitzer.

Mallard, in a single day, has expended more outrage over Eliot Spitzer than he has for Larry Craig, David Vitter, and Mark Foley combined.

I wonder what the difference is between those people?

It really needs to be mentioned that Mallard must have attended a Caricaturist's Seminar in which the only lesson was "Draw huge chins."


Matt Ramone said...

Wait, shouldn't he look more like Popeye?

Seriously, though, this is hypocrisy of the biggest kind. I don't care about the sex lives of public officials except when they try to interfere with mine.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

This isn't really a Spitzer strip. It's the ZOMG BILL CLINTON HAD TEH SEX!!1 dead horse, which Tinsley's always up for beating--just sloppily reworded into a cheap attack on Hillary. (Rush Limbaugh would be SO proud...if he only knew Tinsley existed.) Spitzer's just the crutch.

All coming from the man who drew a Sunday strip devoted to multiple shots of a little boy rolling around on the floor.

Tinny used to draw huge noses, but his intelligence-challenged fans couldn't tell which ones were just meant to make the person look freakish and which ones were anti-Semitic stereotyping. And for whatever reason, he seems compelled to regularly draw some facial feature to look like a guy's dong, so why not chins?

(Speaking of Rush Limbaugh and inappropriate hero worship, I wonder if Tinny has an opinion about THIS he'd like to share with us? Money quote: "...Lying through your teeth and being stupid isn't a crime.")

Dave Robidenza said...

What. The. Fuck. Is. That?

I would say that is the single worst caricature in the history of cartooning, but I've learned that talentless ass-clowns like Bruce make such hyperbole impossible.

But I immediately recognized what it reminded me of.

Fred Astaire from Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town.

But to the meat of the strip: Even with the two-week lead time, did Bruce even pay attention to the story? Spitzer was caught and he resigned. The end. Was there some wave of public approval that I missed? Some attempt by that librul media to make him into an unfairly prosecuted antihero?

Kaitlyn said...

It seemed bigger than he caught got and resigned to me, because I get my news (not NCAA related - go tigers!) through the Daily Show.

It was an exercise in immaturity, if I remember parts of it correctly -John Oliver fainting?- and I don't.

Since he was New York's governor, it was more important.

Than there's the fact that he's a super-delegate.


god I need sleep

that "drawing" will win next year's ellipsesesessss for sure, or my name isn't vxydjkxo

Kaitlyn said...

Dave - I used to watch Santa Claus is Comin' to Town every year, long after I stopped believing.

you are going to hell for associating the two, you know that?

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe it's the cold meds or the lack of sleep (I got up at 2pm, the horror!), but a second reading of today's comic makes it even more illogical and bizarre.

His lead time just seems soooooooo long on this.

...I hope he continues tomorrow.

er, on Thursday.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, cripes, I just remembered--immediately after being sworn in, Spitzer's replacement belted out a long, detailed list of past indiscretions, including infidelity and drug use.

And the dude's African-American and legally blind.

Will Tinny have been able to resist--or did he go completely bats**t? Was he talked down by his editors, or did they let him go buck wild? We'll know in the next week or so...same bats**t time, same bats**t channel!!

TuxedoSlack said...

Was he talked down by King Features' legal department, or did they let him go buck wild?

Fixed that for you, Billy. You, of all people, should know Tinny's editor is a vestigial construct.

ejcipgz said...

He's trying to be Gerald Scarfe, only Scarfe DESERVES HIS CARBON.

12xuser said...

This proves that the wheels of time do grind on. Eventually, every event passes through the three-week Tinsley Gap and becomes eligible for inclusion in Mallard Fillmore. It took Spitzer two days to resign, so Mallard will be calling for his resignation for the next two days. Then he'll take on Paterson, boldly condemning him for his youthful indiscretions. Then, back to Hillary.

rewinn said...

The Real Question: why a Georgia team?

factinista said...

Even Mutant Ed Sullivan can't help but laugh at Spitzer's antics, if the comic today is any indication.

Michael said...

Apparently Spitzer was looking directly at the Holy Grail.

exanonymous said...

Clinton and Spitzer had affairs.

It's a problem, yes, cheating on your wife isn't very nice as it leads to broken vows, lying, and STDs.

Both would have likely continued until caught.

However, Monica Lewinsky and Kristin were both adults, capable of making their own choices, and compensated.

Which to me is far classier as crass as adultery is than IMing 16 year old pages asking them about their penises, or demanding anonymous sex in an airport and then continuing to lie about it.