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Monday, March 24, 2008

That damned mugger

What's Mallard raving about today?

Muggers, Little-Old Ladies, Guns.

I'd say the problem with little old ladies carrying guns is that if they get mugged one of two things will happen. If they try to pull the gun they will get themselves killed. If they don't try to pull the gun, it'll get taken in the mugging putting yet another gun on the street.

How much longer is Mallard going to stay on this topic?


exanonymous said...

NRA just loves the little old lady stories. What is that anyways, redneck elderly care? Give her a handgun and forget about Grandma?

Besides, won't she keep it in her purse? You know, that thing muggers take without warning from little old ladies?

NW said...

I think its time to gong the unknown mugger.

ian said...

thanks to the book "Aristotle and an aardvark go to Washington" i know that the mugger is using the naturalistic fallacy. the book is really good and also funny

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Regarding what exanonymous said, I wonder if The American Rifleman Magazine still runs that "Armed Citizen" column. When I was a kid, the only thing I enjoyed as much as Batman beating Teh Bad Guys (TM) to a pulp with his fists was reading about otherwise helpless victims turning the tables on Teh Forces Of Evil (TM) with shotgun blasts to the abdomen.

Kinda got over that, though, the night my older brother got depressed/drunk/high and locked himself in his room with Dad's shotgun--blasting a hole in the door when Mom knocked on it. (The sheriff talked him "down" and locked him up for the night. It wasn't a fun experience.)

For some reason, American Rifleman didn't run any stories about tragedies resulting from mistaken identity or loaded weapons easily accessed by children, although those too are the legacy of The Armed Citizen.

Anyway. Here's a reenactment of the last week or so of Mallard Fillmore, starring Li'l Tinny:

"Bang! Bang! You're Dead! Bang bang bang bang bang!"
"Bruce! It's time to go to Easter service! Bruce, come inside right now and get ready!"
"Aw, do I have to? I hate church!"
"Yes you do! Don't you want everyone to think you're a good, loving Christian?"
"Awwwwww! Everyone sucks! One of these days I'll have a real gun and I'll..."
"What did you say??"
(after church)
"Bang! Bang! You're dead! You're all dead!! Bang! Ha ha ha ha ha! Bang!"

TuxedoSlack said...

I'm surprised nobody has commented yet on the "mugger's union" he pulled out of his mzhgno a few days ago being elevated to Actually Existing in Mallardworld status. I have to admit, his jibes at unions are pretty subtle... compared to, say, the "Bloom County" Sunday strip from back in the day wherein Thornhump blamed unions for Communism, Khadafy, sin and hemmorhoids.

Michael said...

What is this world coming to? Eyeglasses, the 2nd Amendment, and homosexuality... all against nature!

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed something. In all his gun ban strips, Tinsley has drawn white muggers, without ranting about how the wicked forces of political correctness are forcing his hand. This needs to be marked.

Michael said...

You're right, anonymous. I would expect at least a vegetable or tuber.

luke said...

The paper bag is probably his subtle way of commenting on it.