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Saturday, March 15, 2008

That damned Anthropomorphication

What's Mallard raving about today?

Affirmative action, Asians, Bureaucrats.

Apparently, in Mallard's fevered imagination Affirmative Action has been anthropomorphized into some sort of third-world military strongman with a large "A" on his hat and a hand sticking disconcertingly out of his hip.


confused said...

Thank you, DaveyK for allowing me to enjoy this one.

I removed the words and pictured some guy with tiny arms that walks like a penguin and eats ducks. Suddenly, I had a smile on my face.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gee, Mallard, I thought all American universities were hotbeds of piss-ant liberal commie-rat pinko bastards where conservatives were outlawed, anyway. What's the problem?

Gee, Mallard, can't they just get homeschooled?

Gee, Mallard, how exactly DOES Affirmative Action "hurt" a given group in college admissions?

...Why, by denying one group to give opportunity to another, of course! This is Tinny's way of lashing out at the "other" group; by taking a break from CHINESE EET DOGZU!!1 to hide behind phony concern for Asian Americans. Behold: the entire reason for Rush's Daddy's existence.

exanonymous said...

So I bet myself when I looked it up that Mallard's conclusion was full of $hit (the technical word).

And it is.
Closing remark by one of the authors of the study (you know, the one according to Tinsley that proves AA is teh devul) “Affirmative action is not just for ‘them,’ it is for all of

Study limitations:
Only 5 universities
All had AA taken away.

Study results:
Diversity overall decreased at all 5.
Asian-Americans filled gaps left by blacks and hispanics.
Universities with the least decrease in diversity included Texas and Florida.

Now, the suckage part with that last one: give credit where it's due. GWB and brother Jeb both awknowledged that total flat elimination of AA within their states would have a negative impact. GWB's state had the best result when he guarenteed that any students within the top 10% of their particular highschool admission to a state university. He knew full well why it had to be done.

It also is worth noting that concerns about Asian-Americans not being admitted via AA programs is because thqat ethnicity is negatively impacted by a supposedly positive stereotype: that asian-americans are intellectually superior. Universities were afraid to admit too many asian-americans under the AA because of this. AA is supposed to help that at an economic and therefore a primary education disadvantage that very much follows ethnicity in this country, and asian-americans are seen as not having this disadvantage.

But the whole thing is still twisted for this cartoon. The authors who studied admission process are very pro-affirmative action.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Thanks for the reference, exanonymous. Like you, because of Tinny's track record I automatically assumed Tinny was misreading his source (deliberately or through incompetence--although when he doesn't asterisk the source, it's a sign he's lying and bloody well knows it), but you took the extra step and finished the homework. Kudos!