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Saturday, March 29, 2008

That damned Constitution

What's Mallard raving about today?

College Students.

American College Students have spent the last 7 years watching the United States Government treat the Constitution as if it were (at best) inconvenient but ignorable suggestions and (at worst) toilet paper.

If this Straw Man argument holds even a grain of truth, the finger of blame points squarely at each and every person who voted for President Bush or any of his Republican enablers.


dlauthor said...

This just in: college freshmen this fall were in the sixth grade when Dubya pulled his junta.

Yeah, No Child Left Behind's working real well, innit Tinshley?

factinista said...

And now at the end of the week we're back to gun control. Why couldn't he have just stuck with this the whole time?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Li'l Dubbie: "We are completely awarified of the challengations being faced by America's educationalistic systemology, and taking steppery to ensurate that fundage is, y'know, it gets channelated from those problem areas, and into the hands of the Americanited upper class through a series of tax cutification. Aheh! Aheheheheheh! I graduated YALE!! Pull my finger!"

Tinny: "Kids doesn't agrees with me on the gun thing, so they is stupid and wrong! Thank God the country aren't isn't in the hands of the unwashed mongrel hordes, but of the true right-thinking silent-majority intelligent-minority pure more-than-humans who believe anything they are told by Newsmax and only APPEAR to be great drunken hypocritical losers to your mote-occluded eyes! ...And no matter what anyone says, I AM ONE OF THOSE GREAT, UH, LOSERS! I AM! I AM! STOP LAUGHING!"

exanonymous said...

College students are dumb. And that makes Tinsley smart by comparison, right?

You'd find a liberal hotbed like a college campus well-versed in the constitution, Tinsley. Especially if you try something to take away the first one.

Here, go cry with these guys:
or these:

I think I'll join! Campus would be a much better place if people just put guns in their mouths and spattered their brains all over the wall for their roommate to find.

Suicide is the #2 cause of death among college students. First is that pesky vehicle accident(usually alcohol related) cause of death. Hey, work that into this stupid month-long gimmegun rant!

Kaitlyn said...

Oddly enough, I am almost finished with my freshman government class and the professor hasn't told us what the constitution is - how it was made, sure, and I hate those fcking federalist papers (all TWO we had to read!) more than I hate the prof...

Anyways - I know what the 2nd amendment is.

And we had a student die on campus this semester - a football player - though he wasn't just shot, I believe he wrecked his car after someone shot him...

And yeah, the idea of arming everyone on campus is scary, and it will get scarier the closer we get to finals.

Maybe being armed would have saved somebody's life at VT last spring, I don't know. What I can guess is that people shooting up schools and other public places PLAN to do so. Does the average armed citizen go out ready to defend life, liberty, and property?

Anonymous said...

Whoa. This is interesting. It seems that Ted Rall defended Tinsley when the news of his DUI spread.

Old news, but I'm sure most of you never seen this.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I haven't--but I'm not surprised.

Ted Rall is just as foul a bag of crap as Tinny; maybe worse. His being a Lefty doesn't mean he's an angel, as surely as his habit of hurling his poop at both sides doesn't necessarily make him more intelligent than the two combined.

He shares a few ugly, indefensible opinions with Ann Coulter--including, as the worst example, the view of The 9-11 Widows as a pack of money-grubbing whores gleefully celebrating their spouses' deaths--so his willingness to curl up with his fellow vicious smirking creep on the floor of the drunk tank is hardly a shocker. Birds of a feather, and all that.

rewinn said...

Constitution: "Just A G-Damn Piece of Paper"

Tinsley should draw a cartoon about "warrants" and "cruel and unusual punishments".

But he won't.

exanonymous said...

What's a warrent?

That's that piece of paper that they'll get from a judge if they feel like it?

What cruel and unusual punishments? Waterboarding is not cruel, the government told me so! And it's not unusual because it's established.

Side note, it occured to me when glancing through those links I had, that the logical intention of the amendment to allow weapons to defend against your own government hinges on the fact that you can defend yourself against your government with the handgun. Once upon a time, rifles were the big weapon. Now, biological weapons, nuclear bombs, radiation, and armored tanks pretty much make the handgun about as effective as a rock would have been to the founding fathers. They had the right to bear arms, not the right to bear rocks.

Therefore, to truly defend myself against the oppressive and scarey torture-happy constitution-smashing government, I have the right to own my own anthrax bomb.

Kaitlyn said...

Dude - so if I go to class sick*, I'm armed?

Unless someone else did it to me. Hmm.

(*With a head cold. I hope.)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Too true, exanonymous.

Now that the military's developing "non-lethal" microwave-based "pain rays"--and jabbering excitedly about using it for "crowd control"--it's impossible to not see where we're headed, and impossible to not understand that Unca Luke's shootin' iron ain't gonna stop it.

I'm the lucky one; I've got less than twenty-five years left, tops. Good luck to you the rest of you young whippersnappers!

Kaitlyn said...

Actually ex, that is a fascinating idea that I've never considered.

Keep it hidden from the NRA, willya?

After all, a bomb can be used in hunting.

exanonymous said...

"After all, a bomb can be used in hunting."

Hehe. Goodness, gives Bambi a whole new plot potential there!

Kaitlyn said...

Don't forget fishing!