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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Those damned Open Primaries

What's Mallard raving about today?

Open Primaries.

Mallard hates Democracy...big surprise.

That said, this may be my early favorite for the funniest Mallard of 2008. Not because of the content. Strictly based on the subtext contained in the look on the faces of the big candidate on the left (surprise) and the small rat-like candidate on the right.

Someone's going to die in this primary, and everyone already knows who that is. If only actual primaries were handled like this!


exanonymous said...

Not to stand in the way of brute reaction:

1)One may only vote under one party in cases where both parties are open.

2)In cases where one is open and one is closed, one must be declared to either the party that is open or undeclared (and therefore again unable to participate in both party primaries)

3)In such cases, it is Democrats who allow open and the GOP that is closed.

4) Only 17 states have open primaries. 13 more have some other version designed to prevent opposite party members from voting.

5) Other versions usually require consistency. Once one votes under one party in the primary, one is required to continue voting under that party.

6) It is mutually exclusive. One cannot pick one's favorite candidate and one's weakest opponent without committing voter fraud.

7) The intention of the system is to allow independents and all those unaffiliated with a party to have some say in what would likely be the winner.

That was as of 2004 anyways. In cases of uneveness, either party may pick the method for it's own primaries. Otherwise, the sword is double-edged.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Having backed himself into a corner over the Hillary photos, Tinny finds himself unable to come up with a horse he hasn't already beaten into a fine paste--and in desperation has to resort to actually drawing a picture to try to hide the strip's shortcomings, rather than simply vomiting huge piles of text across the panel as usual.

'Cause that's how cartooning works in Tinsworld.

connection said...

"Neocons", The Early Years (the year 2000)....

"Who is that interesting guy near the end. Such a charming fellow, I should like to have a beer with him! He would never say anything stupid like 'I invented the internets.'(sic) I'm voting for #3!!!"

Andrew said...

I guess this is Tinsley trying to blame McCain's ascendancy on Democrats voting in the Republican primaries.

John said...

As an addendum to exanonymous, I distinctly remember reading something (right over here ) about the Virginia Republican Party actually having potential voters sign an oath that they would vote for the Republican candidate for President.

Apart from the fact that this seems patently unlawful (the whole "secret ballot" thing and such), how would they even enforce it? Exit polls/lie detector test/MIND-TAKING?