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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Golden Ellipses: The IOKIYAR Award for Brazeness or Hypocrisy

And the winner is...

Larry Craig Schmairy Craig

In the category of "The IOKIYAR Award for Brazeness or Hypocrisy" we have the following nominees:


Duck Hunt said...

Mallard Fillmore has been dropped by the Minneapolis Star Tribune! I haven't been this pleased with the actions of the comics page since the addition of Pearls Before Swine.

Michael said...

I had to give this some serious thought before voting. They are all so hypocritical and brazen. You didn't make this easy, DaveyK.

My first instinct was voting for Nepotism because it features a fat, naked mallard, Obama resembling Timmy from South Park*, and a melting pencil. But those don't get to the heart of the IOKIYAR Award.

I am voting for Schmairy Craig, because I remember how astonished I was when the strip originally ran. An incredibly weak defense for something that's indefensible, and it's got brazenness and hypocrisy in spades.

* also, the alien from "To Serve Man", if anyone remembers that.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Arrrrgh, tough call. "The Party Of Personal Responsibility" is a strong contender, not just for amply fulfilling the requirements of the category, but for sheer nonsensicalness; the left half and right half of the strip seem to be pasted together from unrelated rejects from the prior week.

But I'm going with "Larry Craig Schmairy Craig" because "Take No Prisoners In The Culture War" Tinny is (a) desperately trying to cover for a hypocrite so blatant that even the GOP immediately threw him under the bus*; (b) using the opportunity to smear Democrats as a whole with his standard laundry list of sins**; which is (c) the very same "everybody does it" nonsense he's accused Dems of hiding behind; and (d) the laundry list has the "male prostitute" thing, which is somehow worse than just "prostitute"***, and has the added bonus of (e) excellent timing (DaveyK's, not Two-Week Tinny's) given the news today, for we will be hearing a LOT about prostitution in the coming week, pushing torture as a cherished American value and troops being poisoned by Halliburton subsidiaries right off the headlines.

*although they probably did that because he's gay.

**which has been amended to eliminate the alcoholism gags, for some reason.

***because it sets off the GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY alarm; male prostitutes are only cool if they're White House Press Corps plants. Meanwhile, Mallard invites Li'l Rush to come over and roll around on his floor some more.

luke said...

Schmairy Craig, because he outright admits he's not even referring to anything in this dimension. Democrats are a problem... in THE FUTURE.

John said...

I must go with Nepotism here. I mean, the brass ones on Coward the Duck here, trying to say the Democrats have a nepotism issue while GWB is right out in the open living on his family's name, cannot go without notice.

luke said...

"Coward the Duck"