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Thursday, July 24, 2008

That damned article

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rush Limbaugh, NPR, a Study.

Looks like I could have stayed on vacation, since this ground has been well-covered and since Mallard has written the same strip 3 times in a row now.

That said, when trying to demonstrate that your demographic has more news knowledge, I find it helps to get the date of the article correct.

I'm going back to bed now.


NLC said...

#5, #19

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

Funny, but if you look up "pew poll limbaugh npr" on "the google" you find that NPR listeners scored 51% in "high level" news knowledge but Limbaugh's listeners only 50%.

Is this a repeat of Mallard's insistance that the arctic sea ice is larger in 2007 when in fact it was smaller than any time in recorded history?

Kaitlyn said...

I don't care.

Polls are fun when they confirm your beliefs, and stupid when they don't.

That being said, SHUT UP ALREADY. This was already in a major paper and it doesn't affect anything.

Especially since it has been pointed out that this now makes them elitist.

Also, it's not just what you know, but what you do with it.

One more thing - who listens to NPR? I've read a few of their articles online, but I don't anyone who listens to it. (I only know two people who listen to talk radio and they both listen to right-wingers such as Limbaugh.)

I like music on my radio and nothing else.

Don't most liberals listen to Air America or did it go off the air?

I took this test and got 11 out of 12 right.

Is that the quiz in the poll?

Kaitlyn said...

Well, I was all over the map.

And I don't think that was the quiz in question, as they didn't ask where I got my information.

And this is the article about the quiz.

exanonymous said...

3 days later, and 50% is still a FAILING grade. Mallard, you owe everyone an apology for gloating about something that neither is a solid indication about your personal knowledge nor is solid enough evidence to support your claim (error is essential to any survey). I'd draft it up for you, but I realize "Sorry I'm a dick" isn't exactly something someone would sign to.

I don't listen to NPR myself.

alberich said...

So is "stereotypical bow-tie wearing guy" supposed to be an NPR reporter, producer or some such? It's the only way the comic would make a lick of sense.

Still, I though conservatives would take a lesson from the past. When a top notch cartoonist draws, you know what they are drawing (at least from context). Back in the day, though, non-top-notch cartoonists would help you out by kindly labeling, e.g., the feller in the impossible wig "the King of France" and the feller in the stripey suit "the United ftatef" or some such.

Why didn't Tinsley label the feller so us dumb liberals could recognize one of our own?

Of course, the real funny in this comic is that Tinsley thinks that the NYT still is liberal enough that his strip would be a pointed comment about NPR and liberals.

Has he actually opened the NY Times lately? Does he remember who's Judith Miller? The Times' cheerleading of whatever Pres. Bush does? Has he noted who's on the Op-Ed page and what they are saying?

And Tinsley always tries to paint us liberals as out of tuch?

Kaitlyn said...

Exanon - "50% is still a FAILING grade."

I know!

I loved paying attention to the election in '04. I was in school at the time. You get to run the country with a percentage that would make you fail all your classes?

Lots of grumbling.

Do you think if I told my professors that whoever wins the election this fall will win with at least half the vote plus one, so I should pass your class with a 52%!

Kaitlyn said...

alberich - He's Mallard's boss, Mr. Noseworthy.

I know Mallard can't draw regular size noses, or even ones that look like noses from humans, but why is his boss's name Noseworthy?

What does that have to do with the '60s or liberalism? I can't think of any stereotypes about hippies & noses.

However, there is a stereotype involving the media & noses - "Jews control the media & they have big noses."

Am I alone in thinking this? Or does this reveal my anti-semitic tendencies?

Not because Noseworthy's nose is the biggest in the comic (not talking about the "star"), but that his name has the word nose in it.

12xuser said...

I listen to NPR - Nice Polite Republicans. They are marginally less stupid than the rest of the newsosphere, although the gap is shrinking as they bend over backwards to prove that they aren't liberal. At least they don't have people shouting in outrage 24/7.

Who can listen to the music they play on the radio?

Kaitlyn said...

12xuser - "although the gap is shrinking as they bend over backwards to prove that they aren't liberal."

I can't stand that.

I used to think it was limited to the South, but no.

Why can't Democratic senators be Democrats?

Was there ever a time when this was reversed - people said no, no I'm liberal! not a conservative, no...

David said...

kaitlyn: "why is his boss's name Noseworthy?"

He has a nose for the news?

Kaitlyn said...

David - a nose for news? Maybe it's sarcastic then, because he's a member of the "liberal media" and in Mallard's mind, he never investigates anything newsworthy.