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Saturday, July 26, 2008

That damned Pop Tart

What's Mallard raving about today?

Pop Tarts, Reality TV.

I am proud to announce I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to mean.


factinista said...

It sounds like he means "pop tart" as in a teen idol who acts like a tart. It's awfully dumbfounding how Tinsley didn't realize that non-perverts think about the delicious breakfast pastry instead of teenage girls.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think that's part of the "joke", hence the shopping cart/bathtub filled with groceries. This simpleton stuff really isn't all that baffling.

factinista said...

My mistake. Serves me right for doing this when I'm sleepy.

Kaitlyn said...

Again, he's not saying anything new.

But who is he attacking? The strawmom?

I get the point - mom's willing to put her desire for 15 minutes of fame of her daughter's desire to become a doctor. Ha, o our horrible society!

It's funny because it's stupid.

12xuser said...

This is obviously an attack on the millions of mothers who are pushing their daughters to become slutty pop stars.

Is "pop tart" really what the kids are calling it these days, or did Tinsley just make that up? Now that I think of it, it sounds like something that Fox News would say in one of their hard-hitting investigative news reports.

And I totally don't get what the wheelbarrow full of groceries has to do with the joke, let alone that handy space-filling structure on the right (Magazines? Greeting cards? Why are they all blank?)

john said...

I hate the way the dialogue in this cartoon strip is always written in a way that no actual human being would speak. I mean, look at what the lady in this comic is saying: Who talks like that and why would she say that unsolicited? It's terrible.

Michael said...

Awful. Just awful.

I still can't believe this man can make a living as a professional cartoonist, without having the skills necessary for such a position. It's like hiring Bobcat Goldthwait as your child's speech therapist. I can draw better comics than Mallard, and I can't crosshatch my way out of a paper bag.

Also, #10 & 23.

David said...

Urban Dictionary mentions the slutty pre-teen definition for pop tart. It's not real popular, FWIW.

exanonymous said...

Change the dialogue to something that isn't about a mother wanting to sell her daughter for attention, but use the same speaking pattern.

Mommy wants you to pick out some cereal.