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Monday, July 14, 2008

That damned Scandal

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democratic Senators, Countrywide.

I have no idea what Mallard is referring to. And I am going to be brutally honest...I don't have the energy to figure it out.

But after the past week, it's going to be a hard case to make that the Media are Democratic shills.


exanonymous said...

First: that picture is HORRIBLE. Is that even human?

Second: ah, Mallard, the ever fair reporter. A Bush cabinet member was involved too, yes? But at least I won't pull a FOX-fast-one, and instead say that yes, there are two democratic senators involved.

Third: did the 90's NEVER happen in Mallardworld? Where BJ! BJ!BJBJBJBJBJCIGAR!!! was all there was on the news for a year?

Michael said...

Looks like Dodd is in the midst of crooning out a Frank Sinatra classic.

Bill the SPlut said...

Basically, a guy at Countrywide gave Dodd a break on his mortgage. It saved Dodd a sweet, sweet $2,700. No, there are no zeros missing at the end of that number. Not exactly "No Bid Contract for Halliburton" levels of cash.

If Dullard means that the media ignores Republican scandals, he's right on the money.

Celia said...

John McCain has scammed and wrangled his way out of paying a lot more money than Chris Dodd (whose "scandal" seems to be far too boring to report to death if bill the splut has it right), and the media hasn't really touched on it. Except, presumably, the media in the world Tinsley inhabits. On the other side of the political spectrum, it is generally assumed that the media is so far up McCain's arse that they can see Joe Lieberman's feet.

Bryce Baker said...

To add to what Bill said, Dodd didn't know he was given any sort of deal. Big scandal there. This is one of the best caricatures he's done so far, seriously.

factinista said...

Tinsley's Chris Dodd looks just like his Howard Dean.

Anonymous said...

Why does Mallard bother to differentiate between Dems and Reps when they are truly equally despicable? Does he actually think there is even a penny's worth of difference between them anymore? Look at the cowardly Democratic Congress, approving all of moron Bush's war spending and now threatening Iran as well!