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Sunday, July 20, 2008

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Do you honestly think I care?

Whatever you are about to say, I am sure it is an outrage to decency. Say it anyway.


12xuser said...

So the Federal Government is a dinosaur. There's a truly original metaphor. Well, I've got another couple for you, Tinsley: lawyers are sharks and politicians are weasels. You can have them free of charge.

You're welcome.

Dinosaurs flourished for 170 million years. To call them completely unadaptable because they eventually ran into conditions that they couldn't survive shows zero grasp of science. Not to mention that scientists now believe that some dinosaurs evolved into birds, MALLARD.

Kaitlyn said...

Mallard's an anarchist.

NLC said...

Wow, the ever-popular "The Federal Government is a Dinosaur" gag.

Someone ought to tell Bruce Tinsley the old "numbered joke-book in the prison" joke. That way he could just draw a strip that simply read "117".

That way he could save his readers a lot of pain and himself a lot of work (although, come to think about, he probably wouldn't be saving himself much work).

NLC said...

OK, that gives me a thought.

To be fair we, the readers of this strip, are guilty of much the same thing as I pointed in my post above.

Given the limited nature of the strip, one feature of posting on this 'blog is that there is a high probability that we are repeating ourselves. That is, we are simply making a point (about a bad or sloppy feature in today's strip ) that has (correctly) been made dozens of times before.

So, I propose we consider the following "MF Complaints List" and in the future simply point out the flaws in each day's strips by the numbers:

For example:
1 - Tinsley has completely misquoted his "source".
2 - Tinsley has completely fabricated his fact/quote.
3 - Tinsley has utterly misunderstood the technical issue/science issue that he sites.
4 - Tinsley has clearly misrepresented the technical issue/science issue on purpose.
5 - Tinsley has used the same gag three days running.
6 - Tinsley has used the same gag four days running.
7 - Tinsley has used the same gag five days running.
8 - Tinsley has used the same gag six days running.
9 - Tinsley has used the same gag for a whole week.
10 - A character has his/her "speech balloon" coming out of an inappropriate part of his body.
11 - A character is drawn with one or more penis-shaped body part(s).
12 - Unrecognizable caricature.
13 - The bad liberal/union representive/feminist/etc is drawn as utterly physically repulsive.
14 - Simply retelling of a "blonde" joke using a different sterotype.
15 - Simple retread of "Joke #117 from the old-gags book".
16 - Tinsley self-aggrandizing (e.g. references to "all the letters he got", or the "his single-voice campaign" for some unknown politician)
17 - Unreferenced repetition of an obvious urban legend.
18 - Unreadable "foot note"
19 - Out-of-context misrepresentation of material in footnote.
20 - Depiction of opponent as defending or supporting some unspeakable monster (e.g. Pol Pot or Stalin).
21 - Use of quotation with implication that anyone actually holds some stupid or reprehensible point of view.
22 - Absolutely no idea what his point is.
23 - Mercifully, no politics in today's strip --but even less funny than usual.


NLC said...


vinceneilyoung said...

The dinosaurs should have predicted that the Republican-led federal government would destroy the world trying to get their hands on the oil that their dead dinosaur bodies became.

NotannonNotcow said...

It's a Sunday strip, and there's only one panel.

NLC, you forgot a couple:

24: Lazy and only used one panel on a weekday (instead of a normal comic's 3 or 4).
25: Lazy and only used one panel on a Sunday (instead of a normal comic's 4 to 8).

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Is 21 essentially "straw man"?

Possible others:

26) Four-dot ellipses.
27) Overly wordy.
28) Citation of obviously biased news source.
29) Citation of Google.
30) Tinsley was drunk.

exanonymous said...

I'm with 12xuser.

Dinosaurs were quite acceptable forms of life for far longer than humans.

Something to ponder: so were the neanderthals.

Something else to ponder: and they never came as close as humans to decimating their own population.

And finally: not all the dinosaurs were big and stupid.