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Monday, July 28, 2008

That damned Black Hole

What's Mallard raving about today?

Black Holes, Judges, racism.

Typical logic from the intellectually lazy Mallard.

One person doesn't understand what a black hole is, jumps to the wrong conclusion, and demands an apology. And we are supposed to draw some larger and nefarious inference from this rather silly (and embarrassing) incident.

Shall we make the same sort of inferences based on everything one waterfowl says?


ian said...

it makes liberals or anti-racists look stupid

ian said...

fox news will report anything if it it makes liberals or anti-racists look stupid. is what i meant to say.

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel bad for poor, oppressed Mallard Fillmore? So oppressed that he daily inundates Earth with his unstoppable, twisted duck's-eye-view of reality.

Yup. I sure feel bad for Mallard Fillmore, cartoon "Prince of Lies-Of-Omission". Must suck to be so oppressed that you have a constantly available soapbox and the cozy associated free ride.

The definition of oppressed, perhaps?

No questions! It is Mallard alone who may decide such things, tiny petulant fool!!!

Kaitlyn said...

I'd love to just cite the news organization in a paper.


I mean, sure, we can google "fox news black hole location name" (I don't feel like looking a 2nd time) but he can't even supply a date?

My last big paper of the year used many articles from one paper. I should have had just a bunch of asterisks throughout the paper, with one on the the bibliography for the paper. Look it up, you commie professor! (Er, grad student!)

It's fine to judge "the left" on one incident, but try the other side, and well, you're not looking at the big picture. "Rotten apples" "just a frat prank" whatevs, to quote my sister.

Kaitlyn said...

I keep looking at the writing, and it's better than Sunday's, but still so harsh.

I'm trying to remember all the internet handwriting analysis test things...

Robert said...

Footnoting Fox News as a source adds as much credibility as citing "some guy I know".

Bryce Baker said... has a great play on the conservative idiots today. These guys will latch on to anything to make themselves feel better.

GeoX said...

It's true. You don't see Gary Trudeau banging on about insignificant, trivial incidents such as this, because conservatism is such a target-rich environment. But they're all Tinsley's got.

GeoX said...

Forgot to mention the really important aspect of this: Tinsley and his ilk bang away about silly little contretemps like this because it provides cover: look, this guy unreasonable accused someone of racism! Therefore, there is no such thing as racism! And our vile attacks on Barack Obama, which LOOK a whole lot like it, clearly aren't! Silly liberals! It's pretty unpleasant stuff.

David said...

@ kaitlyn:

Here's the link to the black hole article in the Dallas paper.

Kaitlyn said...

Well, David, that's not Fox News, so it can't possibly be Mallard's source.

Besides, it's his responsibility, not yours.

Kaitlyn said...

Wait - it's a blog post? You linked a blog post?

If it was being filmed, there has to be something else out there.

Sigma said...

I'm finally caching up on all the blogs I read regularly, so sorry this is late, but here's a youtube video of the incident. It is rather funny, but my initial reaction to this was "this has to be staged."