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Saturday, July 19, 2008

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Yes. I would like another mojito.

Remember, everyone has some good in them, despite appearances to the contrary.


factinista said...

Has anybody actually said that we're in a depression? There's a big difference between that and a recession.

dlauthor said...

Give it a couple weeks. Now that Budweiser's been bought by the dastardly Belgians, Tinshley will perk up and start screaming that our economy's in the crapper. And it's all the Yurpeens' fault.

Kaitlyn said...

Who has potential good in them - the mojito or mallard?

At least Mallard doesn't give you a headache.

You know what? I hate tv news - the local stuff, the cable channels, ick.


Here's how to fix this so Mallard doesn't seem like a boring masochist - he works at a news station. With so-called journalists. LIKE HIS BOSS.

As for the not-quite-a-depression, does he think everything's hunky dory because his income will never be threatened? Mallard Fillmore may not be old enough, but it's conservative enough and when he says hateful things, hey, he's a duck, ducks don't talk.

So he's not going anywhere.

oxadutk said...

At least Mallard doesn't give you a headache.
Speak for yourself.