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Friday, July 11, 2008

Those damned bulbs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, EPA.

So many thoughts, so little energy...

I recently obtained a CFL, which states (whether you believe this or not) that the bulb will last for 14 years. So how large a problem does Mallard believe this is?

Big fluorescent lights have been in use for decades in businesses, schools, public buildings, etc. So how large a problem does Mallard believe this is?

How often does a normal person shatter a light bulb? So how large a problem does Mallard believe this is?

Oh, and...Mallard is a terrorist.


factinista said...

Of course, there are other options than the CFLs, if Mallard's worried about it that much. You can use LED lamps, or even incandescent bulbs exempt from the ban if you're desperate (the ban applies to bulbs in the range of 40-150 watts).

But far be it from Mallard to actually know things like that.

Michael said...

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have had those "lightsaber" fights with discarded fluorescent lights when I was young.

Anyway, with our government torturing people, waging the worst strategic war in our history, and spying on us without warrants, I'm glad to see someone with the courage to defend incandescent lightbulbs. Truth to power!

dlauthor said...


Yeah, there's no chance that there'll be cheapter, mercury-free CFLs by then. Best just to give up and start madly threatening Congress right now.

Smathers said...

I broke the first CFL I ever bought, because I'm apparently not very handy and I misjudged the size of the fixture that went over the bulb. Anyway I hadn't heard about all these regulations at the time, so I just swept up the glass and threw it in the trashcan.

Now I, along with everyone in my household, am dead.

Actually we're fine. Sorry about scaring you!

But yeah, we should be sending shards of broken glass and mysterious white powder through the mail. Nothing bad could ever come of that.

exanonymous said...

Wasn't mercury the primary temperature indicator in thermometers like oh, 20 years ago?

He just protests the government forcing people to do something, which in a way, I understand, but as long as demand for energy is so high the US will NEVER be able to negotiate lower prices.

Celia said...

The regulations are probably over-caution because if even one person becomes ill, this would be very bad PR for the lightbulb people. This is the same reason why they have anxious warnings that seem obvious to many people on things.

Also, I heard you can create dangerous explosions using broken incandescent lightbulbs, but I'm not sure how that works - since, unlike Mallard, I'm not a terrorist.

(could Bruce be questioned by the police for suggesting sending broken lightbulbs to people? It doesn't seem terribly far-fetched judging by what some people have been questioned for)

Bryce Baker said...

When you're stumbling around drunk in your house trying to blot out the pain of the Bush administration you'd be surprised how many lamps and bulbs you can break

Erich said...

If these instructions were in place for incandescent bulbs (or any other common household item, for that matter), Tinsley would be citing them as an example of nanny-state bureaucracy over-complicating a simple matter in an attempt to protect us from ourselves (like the old saw about OSHA's rules for climbing a ladder). But, since they're about something Tinsley disapproves, he regards them as absolute proof that CFLs are a grave danger.

It's kind of like the way he usually ridicules animal-rights activists, yet feels free to cite PETA when ranting about dog-eating in China...