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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Those damned studies

What's Mallard raving about today?

Vitamins, Coffee, Experts.

1. I don't believe contradictory means what you think it does, Mallard, since there is nothing contradictory about the studies you are citing.

2. I sincerely doubt that many American harbor the same violent fetishes that you do, Mallard.


exanonymous said...

The study itself is controversial, but I'm certain that's not what he means.

Also, they report studies because they're supposed to. It's a valid job to conduct studies to find out if an American habit is good or bad no matter what Mallard believes. I'm rather indifferent, it's not like someone started screaming in my face to drink coffee or die.

NLC said...

OK... I had a clever, impassioned, detailed response to this nonsense all set to go. But after 25 pages I thought better of it.

Let me just say this: This is just so wrong on so many levels...

handintheresunshine said...

Hey, two scientists said things that might or might not be at odds with each other! Have I got a great idea for a comic!

12xuser said...

Mallard doesn't understand science. I'm shocked, shocked!

Rebochan said...

At least his precious, precious booze isn't being attacked by those evil experts.

Anonymous said...

So I guess this 'scientists don't agree on anything' theme is leading to a 'you can't trust science' strip. I can see it now..."global warming and evolution are just unproven theories."

I'm getting mad, and he hasn't even drawn it up yet.

rewinn said...

If a cartoonist were to make a joke about "shortening the life" of a politician who issued contradictory statements, he just might get a visit from the Secret Service.

But ... since it's just scientists hey go ahead, make a joke about killing smart people.

What good has science ever done ... as compared to cartoonists?

dlauthor said...

Ah, removing the educated for the betterment of the common people. Good times.

Mallard Fillmore. Pol Pot. Separated at birth?

Bryce Baker said...

What about the study that reading MF 5 days a week lowers your IQ by 20 points?

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore. Pol Pot. Separated at birth?

Well, let's see:

* Disdain for science and the educated? Check!

* Faith in Dear Leader who can not be questioned or limited by mere "laws"? Check!

* Unwaivering certainty in an ideology of violence than denies the possibility of error? Check!

Mallardism = Marxism with a cartoon face

Erich said...

How many times has Mallard advocated, or at least approved, violence? There's this, there was the time he suggested people should be tortured for saying "Ya think?", and there's the ever-present threat of his "committing Chantelicide"...any other examples?