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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

That damned Obama

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Republicans.

Seriously. I mean it's not like anyone refers to him as B. Hussein Obama.

To suggest such a thing would be insane!


GeoX said...

He really does live in his own little [gin-soaked] world, doesn't he?

factinista said...

I'm trying to decide whether this is hilarious or nauseating.

12xuser said...

Let me get this straight. He's putting words into Obama's mouth that Obama never said, so he can criticize him for accusing Republicans of saying things they never said. I think my head just exploded.

This should be placed into the Wikipedia entry for hypocrisy.

Also, new front-runner for Straw Man of the Year, possibly the decade. Does using a straw man to accuse someone of using a straw man make this a meta-straw man? Another example of Tinsley's embrace of the post-modern?

Anonymous said...

What, is he serious? He's honestly going to try to pretend that no one's attempted to play up the fact that his middle name is Hussein when there are, in fact, countless examples of people doing JUST THAT?

Tinz has been stupid before, but this requires a degree of such complete and total self-delusion it honestly leaves me a little queasy.

Anthony said...

Doesn't yesterday's straw Ahmadinejad prove the "They're trying to make you afraid of me" thing?

Celia said...

This is like when he said "nobody" was talking about some story about one of Hillary's campaign people and some fiddling of accounts or similar, even though it was all over Google news. It is a running theme: "liberals" do dreadful things and "the liberal media" never talks about it, whereas good Americans never do anything you could criticise, but the media insists on making stuff up.

In other words, go and punch yourself in the face, Bruce.

Kaitlyn said...

Why is Republicans in quotation marks?

He must have got extras when he bought his ellipsis dots in bulk at CostCo. (I was thinking of the Thursday Next books, even though I don't think they bought punctuation.)

He (Tinz) is so out of it - the terrorist fist jab, anyone? All year, talking heads have been doing this!

This is so willfully ignorant - he's not even watching Fox news!

Or is Tinz saying that Obama is the racist because he assumes that Republican talking heads talking about his race and his name would scare people. Obama's saying there are easily scared racists out there, and that's elitist.


None of this was meant to create fear and suspicion in people?

Is this the most hypocritical, BLIND TO REALITY Mallard Fillmore yet?

Kaitlyn said...

I can't wait to see if the anonymous conservative (who never has anything to say about the comic) shows up today.

What can be said, when he or she keep spelling out Barack Obama's full name: B. Hussein Obama?

He's a secret Muslim influenced by the Christian Revered Wright.

Months ago, I remember seeing a clip about Obama. Sure he had the support of black voters, but what about normal people? (Probably not a direct quote, but I do remember that normal was used as the opposite of black.)

exanonymous said...

What happens when your strawman is making a true statement even though it's one he never made?

I'm concerned. Does the world explode? What happens to J. Sidney McCain and H. Diane Rodham Clinton and A. Hart Coulter? Do they survive?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Hey DaveyK,

I wonder where your post from two days ago with Tinzanonymous' comments showed up on Google pagerank.

Michael said...

This could set the 2008 record for most Golden Ellipses.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 12x and exanon, I think Tinz is accurately quoting something Obama actually said, but trying to convince his audience that what Obama was predicting has not come to pass, even though it manifestly has. And his target audience, the people with a permanent lip-clamp on his irzfnc, will eat that literal shit up.

NLC said...

TuxedoSlack is right; the quotes that Tinsley gives are accurate (search YouTube for, for example "Barack Obama says Republicans will use the fear card"),
but they are, it almost goes without saying, badly out of context.

The neocon spin machine is playing this as if Obama is claiming that such attacks are widespead and overt. Of course, he's said no such thing; rather he's pointing out that this is exactly the sort of campaign that we can expect. (The difference may be subtle, but it's important.)

But goodness only knows why he would think that...

Starshark said...

Oh, Bruce, I know we make jokes about you drinking and everything but when you do cartoons like this it's really hard not to imagine that you've been in a blackout for the last 12 months.