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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Those damned statistics

What's Mallard raving about today?

Statistics, Congressmen.

Congressmen are statistically more likely to rob cab drivers? Frankly, I would not have know that if it were not for Mallard.


exanonymous said...


See, it's funny, because you read what the cab driver says and it's all libruleze "hey, he's RACIST!" and then you realize that he's talking about our government stealing all our money and he's not racist at all.

Actually, it's not funny. But that's to be expected.

12xuser said...

There isn't any group that is "statistically likely" to rob a cab driver. "Statistically more likely" maybe, depending on what group you assign to that guy standing on the corner.

Joke all you want, Mallard, it's still racism.

Celia said...

Poor people are, I think, most likely to commit standard robbery (as opposed to things like fiddling accounts to cream a million or so from the business you work for). But, of course, the real theft is from all the TAXES we have to pay!!!1

My heart bleeds for you, well-off white man.

rewinn said...

An employer, exercising its right in the Free Market, fired a guy who refused to obey its policy ... and Mallard complains?

Mallardism = Communism with a cartoon face

MartyRotten said...

This isn't the first time Mallard Fillmore has actually justified racial profiling. Of course every so often he'll champion the liberals "unfair treatment" of Asian Americans, just to show he's not a racist. (When he's not slamming China for picking on Christians, that is.)

connection said...

well to be fair....

He's partly concerned because politicians take HIS tax money and just give it away willy-nilly to, you know, black people. So in his mind its probably the same thing.