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Thursday, July 31, 2008

That damned Bus

What's Mallard raving about today?

John McCain, Conservatives.

For the second day in a row, one arm is wearing a different suit color.

Oh, and Mallard doesn't like John McCain. Presumably because he got rid of Phil Gramm after he called us a nation of "whiners."

You know, it seems like the only person who would run a worse campaign than John McCain is already doing would be Mallard. Perhaps McCain is hiring!


factinista said...

That looks more like Bill O'Reilly than McCain.

Kaitlyn said...


Nick said...

I was hoping for one of Tinny's helpful source asterisks that he uses for Obama:

Senator McCain, as we have learned*...

*Newspaper, 2008

Kaitlyn said...

A date? Nick, you're delusional.

Besides, there is no source, no inspiration besides this: McCain has a bus. Gas costs more money. Buses use more gas than other vehicles. I hate McCain.

So hmm, he could have provided a source for these so-called prices of gasoline and their height.

Why does Mallard hate McCain again? Has he ever given a reason? Who is he echoing?

Kaitlyn said...

Today would better fit Obama and the claims that he threw his grandmother under the bus. Even if it's kinda old, hey, it's Mallard.

And yesterday was better for the Maverick.

Has he mixed up his terrible caricatures?

And why is McCain posed that way?

Why why why? (So we have something pretty unimportant to talk about. Trust me, petty things like this are great to prevent school anxiety from getting a grip on my brain.)

EddyPo said...

Tinz is taking a short break here to reassert his conservative bona fides.

He'll be back to chirp about Obama tomorrow.

Kaitlyn- Don't worry, there's plenty of summer left.

Kaitlyn said...

Yes, school doesn't start until the 25th. However, the heat outlasts the break.

And once school starts, I'll still need this place (can't have Mallard by himself!) to distract me from worry over grades.

But I'm a liberal feminist! At college! They should all pass me no matter how shoddy my work, so the conservative students will suffer!

Bwa ha ha ha... oops, that's supposed to be a secret.

Robert said...

Dear Bruce,
Please continue to encourage conservatives to jump ship and vote for Bob Barr instead of John McCain.
Love, the rest of the world

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the fact that Mallard is using it means that insipid "under the bus" phrase is finally dead.

exanonymous said...


If conservatives voted for McCain, then why is he throwing them under a bus?

Or is poor little minority uno Mallard the only REAL conservative?

GeoX said...
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GeoX said...

But I'm a liberal feminist! At college!

You realize, Kaitlyn, that this puts you on the vanguard of the dreaded Liberal Fascism™. I hope you're doing your part.