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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That damned Photoshop

What's Mallard raving about today?

Iran, Nuclear weapons, Photoshop, Barack Obama.

Well let's hope Obama's Photshop skills are better than Mallard's. After all, that hand on the right is white, and is wearing a different suit color than Obama.


factinista said...

These days, not wanting to bomb a country into the stone age is seen as weakness, apparently.

It's almost like that other hand is there to point out where the word balloon is. Hey, Tinsley's already shown time and again that he thinks his readers are total morons. I wouldn't put it past him.

exanonymous said...

I'm not sure what Mallard's point is.

75% of those missiles in the photo are real. The fake covers a fourth failed missile.

If the comic is meant to make fun of Obama for claiming to be tough on fake missiles, it falls woefully short in light of the fact that Iran's photos are still very real, and photoshopped in existing elements from the photos to cover a failure which makes it more likely to be real.

NLC said...

I think folks are missing Tinsley's point.

Surely he wouldn't criticizing the use of Photoshop to fabricate evidence.

Setting aside Tinsley's own propensity for fabrication (e.g. see Tuesday's strip) Tinsley's triumvirate of heroes (W/Cheney/Rove) have spent several years (and, by extension, hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives) fabricating the evidence for the US invasion of Iraq.

So far as I can see the only thing that make sense is that Tinsley must consider the use of Photoshop to be amateurish by these high standards.

dlauthor said...

... Senator McCain pledged today to figure out soon how to turn his computer on.

"Photoshop? What's that? I still haven't figured out how to use the Google."

Kaitlyn said...

Tinz - Barack Obama isn't president.

We still have one in office, perhaps you've heard of him?

GeoX said...

There is no conceivable way that Obama's could be holding his hand at that angle in relation to his head unless he's supposed to be double-jointed at the elbow or something.

GeoX said...

No possessive. Obviously.

12xuser said...

This joke works WAY better with McCain, who has been rattling the saber at Iran for their nuclear weapons program.

Iran puts up a fake threat, you show McCain responding in kind.

I don't see how it works for Obama.