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Thursday, September 24, 2009

That damned Czar

What's Mallard raving about today?

Van Jones, President Obama, Hugo Chavez.

"I am going to name three things I hate. Please make up your own joke because I can't be bothered."


GeoX said...

Oh no he di'int!

Oh, Tinsley. You are an incorrigible little scamp.

Tog said...

Association! It's like assassination, but without the accuracy and intestinal fortitude required to cap someone from a hiding place.

Rootbeer said...

Oh, Sheaf of Paper, you're the sheafiest!

I hate chuck asay said...

I did a little research on Hugo Chavez's policies--how odd that I gained more information from that than Tinsley's "80 or 90 hours of research per week." Chavez, apparently, supports limitations that prevent excess food prices regardless of inflation, nationalizes industries in order to keep them from becoming too corrupt and powerful and fights the free market that has caused Vox Populi in South America. No wonder the Republicans consider him a Communist: His policies are the opposite of theirs.

Tinsley, stop implying that Obama is a Communist. You, previously, called him an elitist--the exact opposite. An elitist Communist is a paradox, like a jumbo shrimp or an intelligent conservative political cartoonist.

Tinsley, only, cares about money, so why does no one sue him? He libels everyone who is left of Ayn Rand, steals copyrighted characters and causes drunk driving accidents. I hope his many enemies are preparing a lynch mob or something.

rewinn said...

What I like about today's "comic" is that it reminds us Van Jones' job was about jobs. Green jobs in particular.

Tinkley's point at this juncture is to remind his dwindling base of fans that Obama is black and a communist. They have to be reminded because, y'a know, this "comic" is just a cheap version of Orwell's Two Minute Hate.

But if Tinshley does this by reminding the rest of us that Obama is TRYING to do the right thing, well good!


Green jobs.

Go for it!

exanonymous said...

It's like Mad Libs without the creativity of the entire English language to chose from, but instead the narrow petty list from neocon talking points.

And I thought it was pretty well established that Chavez HATES Obama.

Frank Stone said...

Boy howdy, you sure called it, Brucie! That dirty socialist Obama is just in LOVE with Hugo Chavez, isn't he? Hey, remember that time when Obama actually shook hands with Chavez and accepted that little book from him instead of shoving him away and spitting in his face, like a real AMURRICAN president would have? Disgraceful!!

Michael said...

Ba-dum, ching!

"Did'jya hear this one, folks? My policies may have staved off a worldwide depression, but why did my campaign use the "O" as its symbol? Because a swastika was too hard to draw!"


Bill the Splut said...


Bill the Splut said...

"HULK feel pain, too! If Wolverine prick us with claws do Hulk not bleed green? If General Thunderbolt Ross tickle Hulk with Apache gunships do Hulk not throw tanks? If gamma bomb poison Hulk do we not become Hulk? And if Ducky ignore us for Kenya-born Nazi Commie, shall Hulk not weep like little Disney Princess?"

--excerpt from the Incredible Merchants of Venice: Merchants of MENACE!, Stan Lee Shakespeare, pub. 1596

Anonymous said...

Not to worry,Van Jones is already employed. It was a career change, but one which he is much more qualified to do.

GeoX said...

Oh no anonyloser di'int!

Michael said...

Ba-da-dum, ching!

David B said...

@Bill the Splut: You make me wish there was a Hall of Fame for comments.