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Thursday, September 10, 2009

That damned responsibility

What's Mallard raving about today?

Personal responsibility.

From a perpetual victim, this is highly ironic.


Marion Delgado said...

This is the best Mallard Fillmore EVER.

That's a MIRROR.

WV: unducto ... go wild.

Michael said...

That's a good question, Mallard. Are you in the liquor store again?

exanonymous said...

And here we have Mallard flipping back to being an oppressed minority because it's more convenient than being the silent majority at the moment.

Tog said...

...Huckin' fell.

I'm just going to ignore the personal responsibility/perpetual victimhood paradox (you all have that covered nicely already), and just sit here and gawk incredulously at Tinsulated's miserably failed attempt to personify an immaterial concept by cramming words into a sort-of-head-shaped outline.


Anonymous said...

This is from the school of the most hackneyed political comic technique: glue the word to the thing. Simple, takes 5 minutes tops, right up Tinsley's alley. Yet somehow he manages to fuck it up by gluing (glueing? I don't think I'm using a real word here.) his word to abstract art. Is it a human head? It's got a roundish shape and Spock ears, and the phrase generally refers to missing children. But it's misshapen, it could be some sort of spherical fruit, he is in a grocery store. If he wanted to follow this lame convention of political comic hackery (and I'm sure he does), how about writing the phrase on the missing child's shirt, and then draw a missing child.

Art complaints aside, is this supposed to be in reference to anything recent and specific, or is this just dragging out the old "liberals are against personal responsibility!" horse for a fresh round of beating?

Nick said...

Seriously, Brucelangelo, you couldn't even be bothered to center the head on the poster?

You couldn't even fucking center the head?!?

Faldone said...

Personal Responsibility: Last seen in the speech Obama gave to the nation's school children despite the rabid howlings of a precious few.

dlauthor said...

Personal responsibility is a pink nipple-lemon?

I'll take my lectures about responsibility from someone without a history of blaming the cops for his DUIs, thanks.

Word Verification: ousil: Tell me about your homeworld.

rewinn said...

Is the President of the United States personally responsible for giving Congress falsified information intended to scare it into supporting his invasion of a oil-rich country, foreseeably leading to many deaths?

In a just world, we could find out.

Michael said...

I used the technique described here to slap on a Tinsley. Voila! It still works.