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Monday, September 28, 2009

That damned Trust

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Teabaggers.

Distrust in the Media is at an all-time high in part because they refuse to do their job and instead lend credence to sacks of crap willing to lie and say that 60,000-70,000 protesters were "a couple million" strong.

And we add to our "Murderer's Row" of Least Helpful Asterisk candidates this year, with one referencing claims which have already been thoroughly debunked.


rewinn said...

Why won't Fox News show its overhead photo of its 912 event?

Why didn't Glenn Beck bother to attend his own party?

2 million people on the mall for five hours would have a minimum of 500,000 bowel movements, yet there were no additional port-a-potties in evidence. WHERE IS THE RIGHTWING POOP?

CW in LA said...

Funny thing: Public distrust in media fairness is at a two-decade high at the same time the ability of Glenn Beck and other lunatics to determine which stories get covered and how is also at an unprecedented level. Do those things have anything to do with each other?

Naah, it's a librul Soros commie fascist socialist racist marxist nazi khmer rouge maoist Acorn plot, just like always, silly.

Factinista said...

So if the news is on, why is Mallard not at work? He is still a reporter, right?

Mr. FourDotElipse said...

rewinn asks "Where is the rightwing poop?" We got yer poop on Mallard Fillmore right here! You just have to wait a couple of weeks (and we all know that poop is best when fully aged).

Michael said...

*Newsbusters?! hahahahaha

dlauthor said...

Didn't the right-wing poop just all go home again after the "party?"

Oooh! I said a bad thing about right-wingers! Someone guide Anonycoward to her fainting couch.

dlauthor said...

Also, what's Ducky doing sitting at home, watching Noseworthy cover the "news" in his stead? Did he drink so much that he forgot to go in to work? If so, he's bound to get fired.

Which, ironically, would boost public trust of media fairness in his world by a skidillion per cent.

Beef Wellingtonn said...

Using teabagger math here: Thanks to me we now have 8,000comments,Congratulations everyone here should give themselves a round of applause.

Nick said...

This cartoon gives a little more credence to the theory that MF is actually a parody of right-wing thought.

Here we have a complaint that people believe the news media is mostly biased -- and as proof, we're given the fact that none of the mainstream media assisted Fox in spreading the inexplicable "2 million demonstrators" lie.

With "" as the unbiased source.


Oh, and Mallard is home right now because his company placed him on unpaid leave while they investigate Chantel's death by heroin overdose.

Frank Stone said...

Finally -- a MF strip that had a good laugh in it!

I'm not sure which is funnier: the "couple of million conservative protesters" line, the "*NewsBusters" footnote, the possibility that Tipsy actually believes there WERE millions of protesters, or the likelihood that he had to have known that the "couple of million" figure would have long been debunked by the time the strip saw print, but he chose to include it anyway.

(And just for the sheer flaming heck of it, I went to and did a search for "million protesters". There were only two articles I could find that made a direct claim of millions of attendees; one by Matthew Sheffield, whose "source" was a link to Michelle Malkin's website, and one by Tom Blumer, who was equivocating about the exact figure with "if" and "would be".)

GeoX said...

Fair's fair: we all remember how outraged Tinsley was over the way the media downplayed the actual, non-imaginary millions of anti-war protesters leading up to the Iraq clusterfuck. Don't we? I mean, I don't, but I can only assume it must have happened, because there's no way anyone could be that much of a hypocritical sack of shit, right?

Tog said...


Me, yesterday's comments, late before the new thread:

"And of course Tinsley got his wee-wee equally bent out of shape when the 'liberal' media took pains to undercount protesters against the war and occupation, carefully referring to counter-demonstrators as 'patriotic.' ...What? He didn't? Oh. Then he's a hypocritical asshole. (But we're well familiar with that particular truth.)"

So, to answer your question, yes. He most certainly can.