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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That damned Poll

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Polls.

Man, remember how Mallard obsessed about Bush's approval rating as it slid to and stayed at historic lows over the course of his last term?

Yeah, me neither.


Michael said...

He's down in the polls because he's Jack Nicholson's Joker.

Tog said...

I would've sworn that Tinsley was fully on-board the "polls don't matter!" bandwagon for eight years. Anyone got a few specific strips? (It's not like I need proof Tinsley's a hypocrite; it's just good to have.)

exanonymous said...

Obama still has a majority approval, as "low" as it is.

And naturally the 24 hour news network dedicated to denting his image does have some effect. The drops in poll numbers have largely been among the Republican identifying base. The blame also partly lies on the shoulders of the neocon congressmen who are whipping up their otherwise ambivalent constituents to oppose Obama for no real reason other than their need to be partisan. And it's unfortunately going to be easier for them to do that now that Obama's retracted the olive branch in favor of exposing obstructionists.

HT said...

@Michael: -grabs your shoulders- You... are my number one... guy!

Oh well. I guess that's better than asserting that he is the Heath Ledger Joker, which never made any fucking sense and assert my belief that the image was made to make fun of people that think of Obama as a bad guy and then was adopted because people are ignorant shitheads with no sense of irony.

Rootbeer said...

He's down in the polls because he's an Easter Island statue.

It's good to see Sheaf Of Paper, the star of the strip, back in action. Too many recent strips have centered around ancillary characters like Green Muscle Man and Penis Chin Man and Bad Posture Duck.

dlauthor said...

Don't forget my favorite recurring character, the dastardly Two-to-Three-Week Lag, which -- since Obama's poll numbers are on the upswing again -- renders his whole point drunkenly irrelevant.

Anyway, let's hope Obama never experiences anything like the only event that made Shrub popular for a brief period among the American public. I'd rather he be only 55-60% popular than 85% popular by dint of standing on top of rubble.

Oh, and on the subject of approval ratings -- been dropped by any more newspapers due to your own raging unpopularity lately, Tinshley?

rewinn said...

".... I'd rather he be only 55-60% popular than 85% popular by dint of standing on top of rubble...."

Can you say, "Yeah and Hell Yeah!"

Meanwhile, in unreported news, it is now 13 days since "Obama protected America better than W" Day:
.... no terror attack 9/11/2009
.... no terror attack 9/12/2009
.... no terror attack 9/13/2009
.... no terror attack 9/14/2009
.... no terror attack 9/15/2009
.... no terror attack 9/16/2009
.... no terror attack 9/17/2009
.... no terror attack 9/18/2009
.... no terror attack 9/19/2009
.... no terror attack 9/20/2009
.... no terror attack 9/21/2009
.... no terror attack 9/22/2009
.... no terror attack 9/23/2009

Is there any doubt Tinkley will give this as much attention as he did his 15-year-anniversary?

Factinista said...

It strikes me as interesting that Obama's poll numbers have stuck around 53%, the same as the portion of the popular vote he won in the election. That seems to indicate that, rather than Obama losing significant support, he's just facing some really stubborn opposition.

Seriously, the guy could bring about world peace, cure cancer, and obliterate the national debt, and the Republicans would still hate him.

GeoX said...

I would also note that of such people as HAVE turned against them, a non-trivial percentage are lefties who are annoyed that he isn't being more assertive in the face of moronic right-wing obstructionists. It ain't like people are pining for whatsisname, Duckie.

(me, I'll wait to see what happens with healthcare reform before passing judgment)

Tog said...

I find it a little ironic that Tinsley's projecting a trait of one of his graven idols (Ronald Reagan, AKA The Great Inheritor) onto his current number-one hate target.

Kip W said...

Factinista, I'll give up mah cancer when they pry it f'm mah cold, dead pancreas!

(Note: I don't have cancer. That's character acting!)