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Monday, September 21, 2009

That damned Heart

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hulk, Disney.

One more of these and this is going into the Most Interminable Series Golden Ellipse category...if not because of duration, then because there was nothing to add after the first installment.


GeoX said...

Christ, there's MORE of this? You know, I was actually sort of willing to give him a mulligan for ONE of these--sure, it's not clever and every internet cartoon ever beat him to the punch, but I can see how it would seem sort of irresistible, and compared to most of his drivel, it's pretty innocuous. But there is NO excuse for dragging it out. CHRIST you're a hack, Bruce!

Tog said...

The only redeeming factor is that Tinsley refrained from crossing Hulk's eyes.

Can anyone tell me what the point of this strip is? There's no political commentary, no social or cultural commentary of note, unless--and I think I'm stretching here--Tinsley's trying to suggest that Hulk's Disneyification is making him a sissy.

If that's the case, Tinsley's really behind the times. Ang Lee?

Tinsley would be better off telling people he was just desperately tired of drawing the duck. I could buy that.

exanonymous said...

Actually, I think he's just obsessed with a caricature that we all recognize, thanks to the colourists.

The only thing you could confuse him with is the Jolly Green Giant.

TImmer said...

Dear God, is that supposed to be Larry King? The Hulk looks positively normal next to that... thing.

MToje said...

I wonder, was Tinz's single strip about Kennedy just a way to show how little the man stands in his estimation? As in, "Alright, fine, I'll do a strip on Kennedy, but just ONE! The Marvel-Disney merger is way more important!"

wv: "Stoinq": What a skoink does to a place.

Rootbeer said...

Why is The Incredibly Off-Model Hulk being interviewed by a Chozo, a member of the birdlike alien race from the "Metroid" video game series?

Jazzbumpa said...

Today's strip set a new low:
No politics; no point; no discernible attempt a humor; not even the slightest connection to reality (Hulk on Ice?!?), drawings only vaguely recognizable as humanoids, let alone actual people or characters, and a sad excuse to murder the English langiage.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it odd that Tinsley consistently picks Hulk as Marvel's representative in these strips even though, comparatively speaking, he's not nearly as iconic for the company as, say, Spider-Man or the X-Men?

My guess is that he's either

a.) a big Hulk fan
b.) The Hulk's pretty easy to draw a caricature of, as you don't much need to worry about proper anatomy with a character whose muscles dwarf watermelons.

Knowing Tinny, whose pop cultural knowledge seems far too shallow for him to be a "fan" of anything and whose laziness as an artist has been demonstrated repeatedly? I lean toward "b".

HT said...

I guess Tinz's point is that he dislikes Marvel's more serious characters and stories being owned by a company like Disney for the possibility of "gheying it up". That's fine, if it weren't for two blatant facts:

A) The Hulk is seriously the furthest away from from the most "serious" charater and/or book (maybe he likes it for Hulk's "butchness", if you catch my drift).

B) Marvel has been "Disneyfying" their image for YEARS now. Need proof? Three words. Hulk-y Pokey Hulk.

There is also the possibility that Tinz doesn't actually read comics at all, he just saw something to bitch about and took a swipe at it.

Bill the Splut said...

"Hulk on Ice" could work as a punchline--I can picture Non Sequitur doing it as a single panel, with the ice rink crushed under the Hulk's in-a-sequined-swimsuit weight, and the other performers piled up around him. But that would require drawing skill, and I'm pretty sure that the only character we've ever seen as anything but a talking head floating in a void is Mallard. And then he's always pointing his crotch at the poor reader.

Maybe Tinny's affinity for the Hulk is that after enough Jack, he becomes a raging monster and then collapses to the floor as the Incredible Drunk.

Robert said...

Could newspapers just pull this strip and use the space to run ads for an attorney specializing in DUI cases?

rewinn said...

Hulk powered by rage.

Tinkley feel fellowship with Hulk!

Bill the Splut said...

My first exposure to Dullard Failmore was when a coworker began bringing The NY Post to work, a rag only worth lining duck cages with.

Agents provacateurs The Yes Men placed fake versions of the Post all over NYC on Monday, highlighting the truth about climate change. There's a comics section, but sadly, no Dullard. His cartoon would most likely be like Edstein's, but drawn horrifically and with an indecipherable non-punchline and a lot of "...."s.

Anonymous said...

I offer up hypothesis c. He likes drawing shirtless men. You'd think with his racism, the green would be a problem, but I guess not!

Tog said...

Well, the new one (Tuesday's) in this epic Marvel/Disney series is up, and I'll be damned if not-at-all-bigoted Bruce Tinsley didn't go for a gay joke. Turns out I wasn't stretching.

Wednesday's will probably be about how liberals are the ones who really hate "those people." You're familiar with the drill by now, I imagine.