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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That damned Larry King

What's Mallard raving about today?

Disney, Marvel, Larry King.

Number of strips Mallard has done decrying the use of torture: 0.

Number of strips Mallard has done about the Marvel/Disney merger: 2 (so far).

Just saying.


Nick said...

Repeated form the last cartoon's comments:

Is that it? Disney had the effrontery to suggest that "teh gays" were also people, so wingnuts'put them on their enemies list?

I didn't realize that righties hated Disney; I always thought the opposite. Not that I'm shocked at all; the universe of things and people they like gets smaller every day.

Just in the U.S., 300 million people minus Democrats minus blacks minus Hispanics minus Mexicans minus gays minus pro-choicers minus those who believe in (universal healthcare or climate change or environmentalism or peace or diplomacy or human rights) equals, I think, two people in Fargo and maybe one in St. Louis.

Michael said...

Holy jesus. Is Larry an alien arthropod transforming back into his true form?

Factinista said...

Maybe Disney will sue Tinsley for unauthorized use of their character. We can hope.

dlauthor said...

Two more entries to add to the list of Things Bruce Tinshley Can't Draw:

893. eyeglasses
894. Larry King

Wait, no, hold on. This is too large a task. Better to list the things Tinshley can draw:

1. Um.

... I'll get back to you.

dlauthor said...

Maybe Donald and Howard will gang up and work Mallard over with tire irons.

Also, I wonder how depressed Tinshley is that, despite the fact that his entire fanbase was crammed into a couple city blocks in DC last Saturday, none of the illiterate/racist/bone-stupid "protest" signs sported a rendition of Mallard. Not a single one. It's like the teabaggers don't know he exists, much like rational argument and breathing through one's nose.

Gotta be depressing for him -- it's the kind of thing that could drive a weak man to drink.

Frank Stone said...

This strip and yesterday's suggest that, to Tinsley, Disney is defined by the nude/semi-nude photos of young female Disney starlets (which were shot in instances when the starlets were not representing Disney).

Creepy much?

rewinn said...

What kind of Courage does it take To Speak Truth To Power on the subject of comic books?


dlauthor - if all goes according to schedule, Mallard will show up on th Mall in about 2 weeks, mutter something incoherent, and storm off in a huff. It is kinda funny that Tinshley didn't take the opportunity to show up at Beckstock to peddle ducky t-shirts; I guess even FreedomWorks (c) has standards!


Today's "comic" is especially offensive in that the drawing of ducky on the left is unnecessary, and the entire 1st line of thext is unnecessary exposition ("We're joined now by the Incredible Hulk"). The DRAWING is supposed to tell you what's going on, and if it doesn't, the "artist" is a failure.

Bill the Splut said...

Poor Tinny's just sad that Disney refuses to re-release the family friendly fun of The Song of the South. The modern kids, they get the Hulk, but not the slaves singing about how so happy they's to be slaves to kindly massa.

Other thing he hates: "Hulk speak on higher reading level than most of Glenn Beck's audience!"

wv: shthi, which is what comes out of your slurring mouth when you mean to say "Shit! Cop car lights behind me!" while drunk driving.

Rebochan said...

Man, Larry must really be slumming these days if he has to resort to broadcasting out of Mallard's living room.

And I'm sorry, but my brain is still aching at the idea of Tinsley knowing about the Marvel/Disney merger.

Anonymous said...

Why does Tinsley insist on drawing the Hulk with his eyes crossed?

Given Hulk's speech problem, is this as close as the editors will let Tinsley get to doing a "retard" joke?

Michael said...

Am I the only one reminded of Dan Aykroyd's nose in Nothing But Trouble?

Anonymous said...

Mallard Fillmore remember Disney is (sue) happiest place on earth? Tread lightly, duck.

892 was Hulk, I assume?

MartyRotten said...

This is the quickest gap between an event and Mallard's beating it to death. I thought we'd have to wait at least two weeks, if at all.

And I was prepared for a week of snide remarks about Edward Kennedy.

Iron Dragon said... Tinsley is pissed that what? Disney isn't creating movies that bash gay people and feature racist crows anymore? Though I do wonder if Disney would sue Tinsely, or if he might be doing this in hopes of the lawsuit and free publicity that might ensue from it.

Ducky is Right said...

Wait, The Hulk wasn't in the Beetlejuice movie.
Oh. That's supposed to be Larry King. Uhhh, right-o.

Ducky: he hates megastores and international megacorps, but thinks the government is incompetent and can't do as good a job as private industry.
WTF is wrong with Republicans?

wavydavy said...

Nick --

If you're going to repeat your comment from the previous thread, I guess I should repeat mine:

Hey Nick --

My ancestors (both parents, all four grandparents) are from Fargo, and my sister currently lives there.

It's actually a pretty liberal place with a history to go along with it. Among other things, it was one of the centers of the grange movement back in the day (you know, back when people used to organize to help other people -- how quaint).

Don't judge all of Fargo by the sometimes illogical natterings of Gang of Six memeber Sen. Kent Conrad (who, believe it or not, is my first cousin once removed on my mother's side).

Now Williston, on the other hand... ;-)

Today's WV: blamea. What Tinkley no doubt thinks is the female Spanish version of "blame" (if he can think that hard, that is).