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Monday, September 07, 2009

Those damned clunkers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cash for Clunkers, Taxes.

I have no idea what Mallard's talking about. And, frankly, I am not interested in finding out today.

Have fun in the comments.


Tog said...

"BWAAAAAAH! The Federal government is engaged in the same sort of activity as the free market I apparently worship, only with results that boost the economy in a time of need! NOOO! WAAAAAAH!! A BLOO A BLOO BLOO HOO!!!"

Christ in a cake pan.

exanonymous said...

We all know the president can't do anything right. Nor can the Federal Gov't.

Except torture. That was cool and just and right and whatever.

ian said...

some people can do a good strip about the fact that people payed with tax money get taxed on that income as well
(freefall comic 1027)

most government humor in it is only indirectly political, they also make fun of corperate people

CW in LA said...

Yep, a government program that was popular and stimulated the economy - no wonder Tinshley is pissed.

Meanwhile, if our anonytrolls can't be bothered to stay on topic, why should I? Here's how I think it would be if the Titanic were sailing today:

"How about a network of deckchair reconfiguration cooperatives phased in over six years starting in 2013?"

"That's SOCIALISM!!!!!! And if you can't have a constructive dialogue with us while we scream at you and wave assault rifles in your face, you're also a commiefascistnazimarxist!!!!! Booga booga booga bllllaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!!!!

HT said...

...Please guys, don't act so childish about the troll. He is probably laughing his head off seeing you guys giving him such a reaction. Please try to ignore him. :/
Anyways, yeah, I can't even make head or tails of what the hell Mallard is even saying, at all. It's like one of those logic puzzles that doesn't have a solution.

HT said...

...that was weird. I didn't even try to post a link.

Frank Stone said...

So in the first panel, is Mallard doing some kind of magic trick where he's regurgitating the newspaper as he's reading it? That's pretty impressive. He should take that act on the road. And never come back.

CW in LA said...

I don't know about that; how did ignoring trolls work out for John Kerry? I think we need to confront these people and let them know we know how full of shit they are.

Or their posts could be deleted; I'm good with that, too.

Kip W said...

I think what we're seeing in panel 1 is a variation on the South Park show where people crammed food up their ass and crapped out their mouth. Only Mallard sticks Fox up his butt and craps The Moonie Times out of his mouth.

GeoX said...

Actually, the troll has revealed his naked insecurities enough to give us a pretty good idea that he is getting genuinely het up about being made fun of. Good clean fun for all.

WV: chessest. You other chess players better step down, because *I* am the chessest of all!

CW in LA said...

Kip W - Post of the century.

vw: phali. That's just too obvious, but it certainly has to involve the words "Mallard", "Stimulate", and the names of various right-wing personages.

rewinn said...

Time was, car dealers were pretty solidly Republican, small-business type.

Tinshley and the critics of Cash-for-Clunkers are doing their best to peel them off. I doubt they'll all go to the Democrats but the GOP had best not be looking for their support anytime soon ... unless the GOP can stir up outrage over something like, I don't know, telling schoolchildren to study hard and stay in school (SkoolTalkGate!), or maybe exercizing the President's Article 2 duty and right to appoint officers (CzarGate!)

Tog said...

It just struck me that, having already suggested in an earlier strip that "Obama's Death Panels" are just a variation of "Cash For Clunkers," Tin missed the opportunity to tell us that participating in CFC is equivalent to executing your poor ol' loving Grammy.

Seriously, how could you. Monsters.

Rootbeer said...

This strip needs a citational footnote, like "* Internet", so I can go look up whatever the hell Mallard thinks is going on.