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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Those damned shows

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard bemoans the lack of creativity in television as he greedily absorbs all of the pablum it dishes out.

I'd say about self-awareness not being Mallard's strong suit, but that would imply he has a strong suit.


exanonymous said...

Free market again. One success means that copycats will arise to also take advantage and compete.

On a different note, is FOX off it's rocker?

THAT'S what passes for journalism over there? "We inundate you with stuff, and then complain that no one else has taken it to our extreme level."

I knew I shouldn't have gone over there to look. But I wanted to see if there was anything newsworthy happening.

Anonymous said...

His strong suit is predictability. Each and every Mallard Fillmore comic strip will be right-wing tripe.

Also, that show, done right, could be clever and entertaining. Not "Oh, I am remembering the 3rd season of Monk," but more like...TV Tropes Man! Main character is Genre Savvy, lots of ways to play with that. Rather watch that than some more lame reality crap like "More To Love" or "Big Brother 759,668."

Tog said...

"Hey! You know what? TV is lowbrow and derivative!"

Behold Bruce Tinsley, tireless defender of American values and "Veronica Mars," as he speaks truth to power!

Meanwhile, I wonder if our current troll (you know, Glenn Beck's #1 devoted ass-lamprey slurp slurp suck) is even half as offended by this stupid attention-whoring bastard as he was by Van Jones.

(I'm betting "not very"--it's only treason if it's against a GOP official, yew betcha--but it should be noted that this creep has several Republicans backing away so swiftly you'd think he was a military recruiter.)

HT said...

...To be honest, I think the show sounds kinda stupid, but I hate a lot of television these days.

And, I'm sorry to bring this up again, but come on guys. This is just a blog to make fun of an awful comic strip and conservative logic. "John Kerry didn't respond and it ruined him" doesn't apply here because we don't have Fox News tailing us and twisting our words. He is just one, maybe two guys out of 10-20 people. Don't get so worked up over some idiot that love to get a reaction out of us. It is the only reason he keeps coming is because WE react to him, nothing else.

Rootbeer said...

Bruce Tinsley does his best work when he avoids political topics. I mean, this strip is still more clumsily written and drawn than anything else in syndication, but you can see the germ of an actual humorous idea in there, yearning to be developed.

Regarding this comment board's nameless topic-avoider, I say feel free to take your one shot per day at him, as we do to the duck, but then let it be. He's not interested in a sustained dialogue, neither should you be.

rewinn said...

Occasional exposure to a weak form of a disease can stimulate your immune system into producing a full defense. The trick is not to over do it, lest your immune system turn on you.

Reading Mallard Fillmore and briefly mocking Anonymous Coward may stimulate your mind into producing a full defense against actual fascists. The trick is not to overdo it, lest you waste time squashing a turd.[*]

I enjoy DuckAndCover because it stimulates the Muse, gets me thinking "hm, I know that comic is garbade, but exactly why is it?" Today's "comic" is actually wholly unobjectionable, although not very well done. I did like the lay-z-boy version of the ducky.


[*] Squashing a turd doesn't bother the turd and only gets your boot dirty... sorta like putting in too much time responding to Tinshley or to Anonymous Coward.

Marion Delgado said...

Actually, that would be an awesome show.

It's not the genre, it's how you do the show.

Marion Delgado said...

Actually, yeah. Why is he never watching Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Doll House or Twin Peaks or WiseGuys or Sopranos or Lost or Veronica Mars etc. quality shows? Is this a telethon for American remote finger paralysis syndrome?

I have almost never had a TV but I tended to watch shows after they reached DVD status - I would buy a couple and then share back and forth with friends, so when a show was good I could see it.

dlauthor said...

Actually, Tinshley went on a multi-strip screed about Veronica Mars a few years ago, back when it was sputtering its way out. His defense of the show, however, made me less interested in watching it.

But yeah, hi there, Bruce. There's more good TV out there now than at almost any point in the past. The fact that you're fixating on such a limited band of the spectrum leads me to think you just can't remember which stack of empties you left the remote under.

And hey, if he's bitching about The Mentalist in particular (and, as is often the case, it's hard to discern his actual point amid the lousy writing and scribbled artwork), he should know that it's one of the highest-rated shows on the teevee, so once again he's being an elitist who hates Joe and Jane Six-Pack when it's convenient for him.

Word verification: soilin: what's Mallard's generally doin when gettin off the couch to go to the can is too much of a hassle.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hey, guys - you all missed the one truly great thing about today's entry: ,The total absence of an up-the-leg-shot of Blallard's non-existent gonads.

That, coupled with the very real non-offensiveness of the topic, and abortive quasi-attempt at actual humor make this the best Blallard EVER!

Marion Delgado said...

Veronica Mars was all 'bout helpin' the mi-norities, fightin' date-rapin' rich white frat boys, outwitting corrupt redneck cops and sherrifs, girl-power, guest appearances by Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith, prosecutin' Bill Gates if you think he dunnit, regardless of what the C of C says, etc. What part of that turned Tinsley's alcohol-eroded crank?

In fact, that show could have been subtitled "Class Warfare in California."

Maybe he read somewhere it was well-written.

Marion Delgado said...

Worse and worse!!!

Not only was he praising Veronica Mars, but he's even right that you have to be on crack to believe anything you read in the Washington Post!

It's the gol-darned Apocalypse! I need a drink!

Marion Delgado said...

I wish we had the cash to put something in the Washington Times (you KNOW they'd let you rewrite the TV section if the price was right) saying the latest hot comedy was called Arugula. About a rock-ribbed conservative who refused to sell his house to liberal yuppies, and now has to abide by the new elitist, chi-chi, green, fancy-pants ZONING CODES!

GeoX said...

Okay, I find this comic reasonably amusing. I am willing to admit these things on the rare occasions when they happen.

Kaitlyn said...

Monk in the same space as Mallard?

The lowest of the low.

rewinn said...

Marion Delgado = Arugula sounds brilliant. It'd make a great hoax, at the very least!