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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Those damned shows

What's Mallard raving about today?


People who sit like a lump in front of the TV, too lazy to change the channel, have no right to bitch about a lack of quality programming.

And, for God's sake, they are called "procedurals" not "autopsy shows" you dumbass.


Iron Dragon said...

"Can you make the cut" the first show on television to see if the average citizen has what it takes to handle the job of coroner and medical examiner! Who will show the cadavers guts, who will lose theirs, find out Wednesdays at 8!

I don't watch a ton of TV, a few shows I've seen do have autopsy as part of them but those are also crime dramas which would sort of make them a part of the show.

Tog said...

I'll give Tin this one, because I am revolted by the volume of gorenography on every screen AND its popularity, and it worries me.

On the other hand, didn't he just DO a strip about how TV IS TEH SUX I SHULD STOP WATCHIN SUMDAY...?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were showing CSI and reality shows on Fox News now. Don't even pretend you watch other channels, Ducko.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, at least there haven't been many "LIBRULS WANT 2 KILL UR GRANDMA" strips lately...not that this is much of an improvement.

wv: seerf-a serf who can se the future

exanonymous said...

For someone who spends so much time in front of the television, you'd think he would be able to find better shows to watch.

And if not, well, I personally when bored tend to go out for a walk or something similarly healthy. So maybe he could try that for a change. Unless traversing the first block gives him a heart attack.

ajm said...

Ooh, a "television is banal" comic strip. How edgy for 2009, only 60 years into network TV history!!!!

devin said...

Ah crap -- I laughed at the line "autopsy reality show". Does that make me a bad person? Not about the subject matter, I just mean for laughing at Mallard Fillmore.

CW in LA said...

I'm afraid it's worse than that, Devin: You were laughing with the Mallard's punch line, not at it.

But it does go to show what a lot of people here have pointed out, that the strip is, well, not good by any means, but at least less disgracefully awful, when he leaves the political hackery aside for a few moments.

I believe the reason the Tinsh doesn't turn the idiot box off or at least change the channel is that would simply to too tough a task to pull off while downing a bunch of 40-ouncers of research.

Adding to Tog's point about gorenography, I'd like to go off topic for a moment to say: Quentin Tarantino is a smug, vastly overrated putz. Thank you.

wv: busidize - to provide subsidies for a bus line. Which is Maoist Nazi SOCIALIZM! Booga booga bblllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhh!!!!

exanonymous said...

Off topic, but anybody have a first hand estimate of how many people are at the protests today? AP article has "thousands", FOX has predictably plagiarized it and added "tens of" in front of "thousands" where convenient, but it would be interesting to know how many people are actually protesting on the mall today. Granted, I realize it's not anywhere near a majority or even significant minority out of 300 million US citizens, but still it's nice to know.

Anonymous said...

I think you call them a pride. In this case, a white pride. In conclusion, there is a white pride march on Washington.

rewinn said...

Michelle Malkin reported 2 million! apparently based on an aerial photo from an entirely different event

A freeper got onto DemocraticUnderground and complained when Fox wouldn't spread Michelle Malkin's report that the cops said 1.2 million. I guess even Glen Beck isn't teabaggish enough for some!

I'll note that there were 11 blocks of streets closed, according to the actual DC police department. A thousand people per block is quite a few so estimates in the tens of thousands seems plausible.

Frank Stone said...

I'd recommend that Mallard read Harlan Ellison's THE GLASS TEAT and THE OTHER GLASS TEAT if he wants to see how REAL teevee criticism is done, but that would be presuming he KNOWS how to read.

Ducky is Right said...

Any estimate above 100k is probably outright wrong. Not to say 100K is probable, just that that's a decent range cap for a large gathering.

Many people don't really understand how small DC is. And when you take out the 'real' part of the city, and only include the Mall, and maybe some stadiums, it's even smaller.

Remember when Obama was being inaugurated, and one of the things the media latched on to was, "holy crap, can the city's infrastructure even handle this many people?" ~1.5 million people attended that. If even a third that attended, it would have been a large strain on the city.

exanonymous said...

I'd even count 100k high now looking at photos. Someone else had this:

Were there protesters? Yes. Was that their right? Yes, good for them.

Were there two million?
Only if they were really tiny people!

Rootbeer said...

Man, Tinsley is TOTALLY STICKING IT TO "This Network"!!!

Thanks to Iron Dragon for providing the punchline that was left out of the strip, even if it is just a pun.

As for how many people showed up at the Tea Party, the correct answer is "it doesn't matter". The millions of people who tried to send Bush a message about the war were roundly ignored, as were the millions who tried to send Nixon a message about the war 40 years ago.

Protest rallies are not an effective means of effecting change.