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Friday, September 04, 2009

That damned stupidity

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, President Obama.

Dueling straw men, and a comment on his own writing.


CW in LA said...

Tinshley sure does have blackness on the brain, doesn't he?

Factinista said...

Stupidity has a smell?

Tog said...

Typical Tinsley move: almost every time Tin is forced to whip out his Black Strawman/Strawwoman, he follows it up with a "You know, some people say LIBERALS are the REAL racists!!" attempt at ass-coverage.

Regulars know this is coming from the same Bruce Tinsley known for "CHINEEEESE EEEEEAT DOGGGGSSSS!!," anti-Semitic caricatures, calls for TSA agents at airports to restrict their security checks to people who "look like terrorists," and an interest in sports scandals ONLY when a specific black athlete is involved.

Remember how Sonia Sotomayor's nomination marked the End Times?

Remember, on the other hand, how racist the Left was because they criticized Condi "Shoe Shopper" Rice's policies and actions?

I would just like to ask:

(1) ...does Tin have anything on which to base that first panel? Because the sing-song of "America's not ready for a Black Hat" was coming from the Right in 2007.

Is he trying to suggest that Dixie Democrat racism is relevant to the party today? Because they were run out of the Dems and welcomed by (drum roll please) the GOP, where their modern counterparts remain welcome as long as they use codewords and keep it toned down a notch for the cameras.

(2) ...does Tin have any REAL grounds to disagree with Obama's policies? Because so far, it's been nothing but "SOCIALISM!!!1," Death Panels, quotes taken wildly out of context, and assorted teabagger fiction, asterisk-linked to people like Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin, whose racist attitudes speak for themselves.

If he had any real arguments, maybe we wouldn't assume racism.

Remember: Tinsley cannot be racist, because he would LOVE to have Michael Steele as President! (...Or would have, before Steele defended a woman's right to choose. Stupid $#%%*?!, why couldn't he stick to script?)

Michael said...

In defense of the first guy, that statement was most assuredly true when he said it. From what era is that guy? He was probably debating Oscar Wilde when he said it.

NLC said...


Like the old saying goes: If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and smells like a duck....

CasualBrowser said...

Yes Factinista, stupidity does have a smell. It smells like sloshed Schlitz and spilled India Ink...

dlauthor said...

... and cowardly, anonymous trolls.

Rootbeer said...

"Stupidity has a smell?"

The smell is a mixture of tequila, stomach acids, and half-digested Snax, and Bruce Tinsley is intimately familiar with it.

exanonymous said...

I assume he's referring to Alan Keyes?

In a similar vein to Sarah Palin, the belief is that us libruls have overly simplified beliefs that would cause us to vote for a minority candidate or risk name-calling from neocons.

rewinn said...

Do you remember when ducky denounced those who attacked Obama's candidacy on the basis of race?

No, I don't either.

NOTE TO TINKLEY: you don't get to take credit NOW for that which you were too cowardly to do THEN.

Ducky is Right said...

Nice job mangling one of the most well known lines in English literature there, ducks.

No, I'm pretty sure that, back when there were several states that still had segregation laws, that America really truly wasn't ready for a black president.

GeoX said...

Actually, I think the disagreement with Obama's policies--or at least the psychotic vehemence thereof--probably IS because he's black. I would welcome any other explanation, but nobody has ever, ever been able to provide any explanation for why anyone other than Republican congressthings and super-rich assholes are opposed to healthcare reform. Oh, you're concerned about spending, are you? After we didn't hear a peep out of you about whatsisface's massive tax cuts and pointless, illegal war (unless of course it was your loud cheerleading)? Don't make me laugh.

Sure, they would oppose ANY Democrat, but as much as they hated the shit out of Clinton, they didn't shriek about how literally everything he did, down to telling kids to stay in school, made him an EVIL NAZI COMMUNIST OMG!!!!11 Even if it's not always conscious racism, it's certainly fear of perceived Otherness, and until anyone can provide a better theory, I'm sticking with this one.

Mike said...


Thanks for reminding me: I CANNOT WAIT for the upcoming "Obama will brainwash our school children" strip. It should arrive in two to three months.

I know the answer ("No."), but has there been anyone in the mainstream media or congress insinuating that hating Obama's policies is racist?

And even if anyone did say that, is that any worse than the fun little "If you don't support our troops, you hate America and want the terrorists to win!" diatribe that was oh-so-popular?

Anonymous said...

It's undeniable that race has played a part in why the Right hates Obama. I mean, the whole "secret muslim" "pals around with terrorists" crap would not have been flung around at a white candidate. Or people that say they're "afraid of Obama." Not "disagree with Obama," or "afraid of Obama's policies," no, they seem afraid of the man himself.

CW in LA said...

A big reason why I've been so surprised is, let's face it, anyone who finds President Obama scary and threatening would have also found Cliff Huxtable scary and threatening.

Of course, ol' Cliff didn't have a whole "news" network plus hours and hours of talk radio broadcasts every day dedicated to convincing people that he was planning to kill their grandmas and turn America into a Stalinist hell-hole like Canada.

Robert said...

If you insist that Obama was born in Kenya, it's because he's black.