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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

That damned difference

What's Mallard raving about today?

Community Organizers, Talk Radio, Angry Mobs.

Mallard Fillmore: In Defense of Angry Mobs.


CW in LA said...

One important difference, of course, is that the community organizer is striving to create, while the talk radio blowhard seeks to destroy.

Tog said...

...Well, obstruct, at the very, very least.

Yet another strip devoted to Tinsley's neocon philosophy: it am okay when WE do's it; it am worng when YOU do's it.

Does he seriously think anyone's forgotten how war protesters were treated over most of the last decade? That we've forgotten "Free Speech Zones?"

Or does he think pretending hard enough makes something true?

GeoX said...

You know, Tinsley, if everyone else in the world thinks you're acting like crazy people all the time, a slightly more self-reflective individual would step back and evaluate the reasons that that might be. Plugging your ears and shrieking "LIBRULMEDIALIBRULMEDIALIBRULMEDIA" at the top of your lungs doesn't exactly cut it.

Anonymous said...

Organizing a group to shout hate speech and carry assault rifles, YES THAT IS A FUCKING ANGRY MOB. Good lord, they all but literally have torches and pitchforks. What in the fuck is wrong with you to not have any ability to see the difference between community organizing and rallying an angry mob?

wv: imine - 2/3rds of the conservative slogan "I! Me! Mine!"

exanonymous said...

The angry mob is so busy screaming about how Washington doesn't listen the majority of the people they don't actually hear the majority.

War protesters did have majority support when they said it wasn't worth the cost.

Anti-health care reform does not. Support for health care reform might wane, but the percentage of people actively against it is smaller still.

The difference between concerned citizens and angry mobs? Those who actually have support and those who are a minority who declare themselves the deciding majority.

rewinn said...

This very morning I had a "noisy conversation" with a guy at the gym who was agitated because Obama was running our county with "32 Czars!"

I asked him, "What's a czar?" [*]

He could not admit that he had no idea. But he was agitated.

I think lots of people are upset, and I think they have a right to be, what with the collapse of our Middle class, offshoring and etc. But the HATEtriots are great at identifying enemies: blacks, hispanics, liberals, jews ... anybody EXCEPT the people who own the companies that collapsed our middle class.

In this vein, I would say, yes there is a difference between organizing people to serve their community and stirring up a mob to "Keep Government Out Of MEDICARE!!!!"


[*] A Czar is basically a project manager with cross-departmental responsibilities. The term "Czar" is a stupid one but the practice is very common and very useful in private industry.

dlauthor said...

Thank God we have Tinshley to highlight the true victims in the health care debate: the poor, beleaguered, put-upon folks in right-wing talk radio. Why more people don't stand up for these traumatized, defenseless people is beyond me. Perhaps a benefit concert could be organized, or a charity walk. Bring yer guns!

Word verification: intatu: from the Latin, a legal term referring to disputes concerning Herve Villechaize.

Anonymous said...


While I don't own a gun, if there was a charity walk for right wing talk show hosts, I would purchase the biggest fucking one I can find.

Ducky is Right said...

Gun-toting, screaming, anti-health protesters are just like a farmer's market.

Frank Stone said...

Congratulations, Brucie -- you've actually written something which is accurate (even if you didn't realize it; you evidently thought you were making a terribly clever commentary on Liberal Media Bias).