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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Those damned Friends

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Health Care, Teabaggers

Right, the insane mobs are the victims.


* Michele Malkin


Nick said...

Well, at least Tinz is starting to take my advice from August 26th.

He admitted that he hearts Michelle Malkin.

Tog said...

...How does someone get "accidentally beaten senseless?" Is that like the "I fell down on her" defense in a rape case?

The entire strip is an attempt to smear Obama by the actions of a party twice removed. How freaking stupid is that? It's like saying Tinsley's a creep* because one of his drinking buddies** woke up in a puddle of vomit on top of one of the Bush daughters before she hit legal age. (He fell down, don'tchaknow.)

*I mean, he is, but by reason of his own actions, not those of others.

**Okay, fine, "one of the many people who move away when he sits near them in a bar," then.

So weird: this week Monty is getting highly political, and Mother Goose & Grimm is kicking at the NRA. Heavens!

(Beyond politics, the usually-awesome Achewood is asking us to sympathize with a guy who thinks he's doing his loving wife a favor by committing suicide, all on the basis of a line on his palm. MASSIVE, MASSIVE FAIL. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?)

CasualBrowser said...

Smearing Obama is reaching gigantic proportions, Tog. Idiots like Ted Gunderson, FBI retired, who is charging the current administration with stockpiling guillotines and caskets to execute dissenters and dispose of them. The mention of guillotines wasn't just to associate Obamans with the *peh!* French, but they are claimed to be the most efficient way of killing while preserving organs for harvesting. I kid you not...

This isn't just an extention of Michele Bachmann's "reeducation camps" (
,but an excersize in exponential one-upmanship. Incredible....

BTW, could someone please tell me how to insert links?

Tog said...

Inserting links uses the "a" HTML tag as illustrated here.

Oh, and you ain't kidding about the nutjobs. A brief profile of townhall bawlers in my local paper reveals one common element: "TH' END TIMES IS COMIN'!!!"


Rootbeer said...

They were senseless before anybody laid a finger on them.

Anthony said...

The video appears to begin with an SEIU member already on the ground (wonder how that happened) followed by Kenneth Gladney appearing to trip over a curb after getting in the face of another SEIU member. He gets right back up. But in Mallard's world, he's "beaten senseless." Followed by three minutes of protesters yelling "you attacked him" at the union members because, as everyone knows, if you yell something enough times, it's true.

rewinn said...

How can you be beaten senseless when you never had any sense to begin with?

* rimshot ! *

exanonymous said...

You know what's funny about this whole single incident being blown out of proportion?

That apparently half a dozen t-shirt wearing pro-health people is considered a frightening mob of union thugs under the command of Obama.

They had scarier villains on the Power Rangers.

dlauthor said...

I also wonder what Tinshley thinks about the people who showed up at Bachmann, Coburn, and McCain's meetings to yell in favor of health care reform.

No doubt something along the lines of "dirty fascist socialist Hitler commie hippie teacher where'd I leave that bottle of Wild Turkey daddy needs his research *passes out*."

HT said...

...Yyyyeah. Um, to be quite honest? I honestly did not think humans would be this plain ignorant and/or stupid. I've learned a lot about humanity over the last two weeks... Mainly, to give up on it.

Good job, Ducky/Teabaggers. You completely destroyed my faith in humanity.

Factinista said...

Protip: Citing YouTube is not how you win an argument.

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- so many "sources". And yet, if you actually take the time to look up the "incident" (which Brucie is counting on his readers being too gullible and lazy to do), you'll find it's pretty much nothing like what he describes.

I really have to wonder: What does Tinsley believe he's accomplishing by trafficking in this kind of willful, malicious dishonesty day after day for years on end? Does he genuinely see himself as a noble footsoldier in the culture wars, fighting The Good Fight against impossible odds? Or does he somehow imagine he's going to get rich doing what he does, since puking up right-wing lies, distortions, and talking points has proven to be such a goldmine for his role models Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly?


I missed the news reports where Obama and his pals beat people senseless at a town hall meeting. The damn librul media was too busy talking about the loyal, god-fearing citizens carrying loaded guns there I guess.

Thankfully the guy with the loaded assault rifle wasn't scared off by Obama and his friends beating people up. Their intimidation tactics FAILED! So now we won't be giving health care to people. Yay!

wavydavy said...

Anthony --

Don't forget the best part: Gladney has no health insurance, so now he thinks other people should pay for his care.

Sounds like some kinda socialist to me -- asking the village to take care of him. Why doesn't he take care of himself?

"I try to be cynical, but it's so hard to keep up." -- Lily Tomlin

Michael said...

Republican victimhood truly knows no bounds.

Michelle Malkin and YouTube?? Is "etc..." there because you didn't have the space to write "*a chain email I received from my aunt"?

wv: abilic: When a cartoon is not even worth typing all the letters to imbecilic.

GeoX said...

Note that Tinsley is alleged to be a graduate of an actual, accredited university. This is either a fabrication (I DEMAND TO SEE THE VAULT COPY LONG-VERSION DIPLOMA!!!11), or else the booze has simply destroyed his brain since then. I say this because there is NO FUCKING WAY he would have been able to pass any class with any sort of research component if this asterisk bullshit is his idea of how one cites sources.

Michael said...

The Golden Ellipse for least helpful asterisk is going to be a murderer's row this year. It's been only a couple days since he claimed Obama put innocent senior citizens on an enemies list and cited "Fox News".

Dickpedia said...

How can there be no entry for Bruce Tinsley in

People who want to find out information on dicks are going to be left ignorant if no one will go to and start a Tinsley page:

Anonymous said...

Coulda been Falwell University. You know, somewhere where you do better the worse you are at things like independent or critical thinking.

Ooh, I wanna play the word game. I got "trindums." A horrible chimera with the heads of Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.

Ducky is Right said...

Beaten senseless by union thugs. Right.
Snippet of other conversations overheard at the RNC.

Speaker 1: "Great merciful Zarquon! Has no one managed to get anything done?!"
Speaker 2: "Yes! I have declared war on the next continent!"
S1: "'Declared War'? There's no one even living there!"
S2: "Yes, but there will be, one day. So we left a bit of an open-ended ultimatum, hmm? We also blew up some valuable military installations."
Speaker 3: "Military installations?"
S2: "Yes sir. Well, potential military installations. All right; trees. And we interrogated a gazelle!"
S1: "..."

Has there ever before, in the history of civilization, been this much whiny, victimization bullshit? My god, the Jews and the Native Americans didn't complain and moan as much as Republicans do!

Heh, WV: Guise

exanonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny that while all these people were screaming about taking back their country, the Native Americans came in and did just that?

Rebochan said...

I'm noting this a few days late, because...

....anyone else notice "The Onion News" in the asterisk? Am I going nuts?