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Saturday, September 26, 2009

That damned Presidential Appointment

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Czars.

Those who remained silent during the Bush Administration have no standing to criticize now, no matter how many tears Glen Back sheds.

I'm Mallard Fillmore, and I can't think for myself.


GeoX said...

Okay, someone explain to me: just what is it that's suddenly so offensive to right-wingers about calling advisors "czars?" Okay okay, stupid question; what's offensive about it is that Obama is doing it; that goes without saying. But is there some sort of rationale? Or are they not even pretending anymore?

Ducky is Right said...


God, how pathetic is it that 30% of America thinks that today's strip is a massive burn?

exanonymous said...

Maybe if the media had spent more time criticizing czars during previous administrations people would realize this practice was nothing new.

But then, this red scare isn't new either and people still believe the country is under attack from evil within.

MartyRotten said...

Ooops! Forgot to make a joke!

GeoX said...

Geez, don't tell me people are actually equating czars with communism. HISTORY FAIL.

Tog said...

You kidding? To the neocon mind, "czar appointed by Republican" = "major power-player with James Bond gadgets and a huge penis," while "czar appointed by Democrat" = "LENIN! MARX! CASTRO! NATIONALSOCIALICOMMUNISM!! OTHER THINGS I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE BUT I'M SCARED OF THEM! WAAAAH!!!"

Just for laughs: here's a LTTE from my local free paper:

Barack Obama is smart. Barack Obama is an excellent speaker. So was Karl Marx. Wake up America.

End quote.
That is the entire letter.

Michael said...

What the hell happened to American conservatives? I can't believe people are really worried about "czars". It's impossible to create a hyperbole of what Republicans may get upset about next. It's like creating a parody of what someone in a religion might believe; there's nothing you can come up with that's over the top.

steve-o said...

I'm sorry, if all they have is "OMGZ! CZARS!" then the ocnservative movement really is dying or dead. What cracks me up about conservatives is they claim that George W. Bush really wasn't a conservative. See, in their pea brains anything that fails can't, by definition, be conservative.

wv: mulice. synonym for conservative false outrage.

GeoX said...

Huh. I was unaware of Marx's reputation as a powerful public speaker. Wasn't one of Limbaugh's four noble truths (or whatever he called them) that "words mean things?" Whatever happened to that? Lewis Carroll would have been shocked to learn that he was actually writing pretty straightforward overviews of today's American right.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Obama calls his czars/point men/policy makers etc. It is the blatant racism and radicalism of his appointees that bothers many Americans.

I realize there are many people who walk lock-step with Obama. Who believe he is never wrong or will ever be wrong no matter what he says or does. The Drive-By media will not let him fail. Racism is on the rise and will continue with Obama at the helm. Many Obama voters have or are beginning to see who and what they voted for.

Let's look at one of his "czar" appointments who did not last long, Van Jones. Of course that was the fault of Glenn Beck.

According to Jones it's okay for the brothers to shoot up the neighborhoods and do crime on a daily basis, in all of the major cities, but Jones is blaming the suburban whites for shootings. and this, out of the mouth of a known radical, communist and 9/11 Truther. The man is truly a nut job.

Obama has also named Mark Lloyd, the FCC's attack free speech czar, who is another radical racist. Read what he stands for and watch the videos. Do you all feel comfortable with people like these in power?

Do you believe Obama is making good choices with his appointments? Apparently Obama did and does. He knew exactly what he was getting with these two appointments. The same can be said about Eric Holder his corrupt AG.

GeoX said...

It is the blatant racism and radicalism of his appointees that bothers many Americans.

Interesting perspective, anonyfucktard. Just out of curiosity, are "many Americans" also bothered by Glenn Beck's
blatant racism?" Or is it mainly just black people that are upsetting to "many Americans?"

You guys would be scary if you weren't so pitiful.

Bill the Splut said...

Barack Obama is smart. Barack Obama is an excellent speaker. So was Karl Marx. I heard Marx once on the radio, announcing that he had just attacked Pearl Harbor, and that we had nothing to fear but his little dog Fala, so we better surrender now to his Radio Frankenstein Communist Gods!

Karl Marx also suffered from terrible piles. This is a disease of the buttocks that is caused by communism. Has anyone seen a report by Obama's Kenyan proctologist? No. This is because witch doctors keep terrible records.

The Drive-By Media shoots up neighborhoods, just like Kenyans always do. Racism is on the rise, not unlike a terrifying pie made of collard greens, malt liquor, crack pimps, rap "music" and RACISMS! Thank our bountiful white Lord Jesus that there is no racism except when blacks get ahead, and refuse to get off the sidewalk when I walk by. Karl Marx was very uppity, and also Hitler's BFF. I saw a video on World Nut Daily that proves exactly something that makes me not insane.

They say we might have Jello today!

The same can be said for the tiny gremlins that live in my nose. They are building tiny cars to drive-by my sinuses, and Katie Couric TELLS NO ONE ABOUT IT and I will comment on her blog every day until I free her from the Marxist darkies and make her my wife, just like in an Errol Flynn movie I saw where he beat up Stalin using only his web browser.

CAN YOU PROVE THAT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN? Future events like these will affect us in the future!

Thank you for your time. I hate socialism--oh wait, time for the nursing home nurse to give me my nursing home enema, paid by Jesus's own Medicare. GOVERNMENT, KEEP YOUR JEW HANDS OFF MY SOCIAL SECURITY!!!

Also, if ObaNAZI is so great, why is Rush's head not on Mount Rushmore, as it is certainly big enough and also named after him? Also, why won't BaracKARL MARXama bring back "Gunsmoke" and other good shows without Negroes in them? After Glennnn Beck cries, we're having Jello today!

Wait, I have something to say! Listen up! Editor:
Barack Obama is smart. Barack Obama is an excellent speaker. So was Karl Marx. I heard him once on the radio...

Anonymous said...

Liberal hate...

The Left hates because they have an inborn totalitarian instinct, which contradicts the term, “Liberal”. Liberals see their point of view on everything as the “standard” or norm.

Anything different, such as Conservative viewpoints, is a deviation from the norm, or abnormal. Their interpretation of free speech is – it is only free if you share the same views as them.

In other words, Liberals HATE diversity of opinions. Their arsenal of tricks include the race card, name calling, and cute little tricks of condescension when they cannot debate substantively.

In fact, how often do you come across a Liberal who can debate substantively, logically, cogently, coherently?

Another trick employed when they cannot rebut an opinion, is “changing topics” … what about such and such .. way off the original topic being debated. They also hate because Liberals still cannot get over the 2000 Elections, which, in their mind, was stolen from them.

You can hear it here, from a couple of experts.

CW in LA said...

Funny how in Anonybeck's world it's only Negroes (and maybe the the occasional Latina) who are ever racist.

Bill the Splut said...

Liberals also have NO SENSE OF HUMOR!

CW in LA said...

Naw, we don't have any sort of totalitarian instinct. We just hate dickheads coming around and assuming they're experts on what we think based on what Weepy Beck and the Big Fat Kiddie-Diddler told them.

GeoX said...

The Left hates because they have an inborn totalitarian instinct, which contradicts the term, “Liberal”. Liberals see their point of view on everything as the “standard” or norm.

Fascinating! Tell me more, Professor! But don't drag it out TOO long--you don't want to be late for your teabagging rally to wave around your OBAMA=HITLER signs!

Bill the Splut said...

LIEberals also know teh Google!

Well, thnaks for that off-the-cuff, ad-libbed bit of astroturf, anonymous!

GeoX said...

Guess I shoulda known that Dr. Anonymous wouldn't even be smart enough to come up with his own version of dimwitted wingnut talking points...

Anonymous said...

Might as well crank up more hits on this pathetic blog...

A short list of cartoons the left leaning folks dislike, I am sure there are many more: Mallard Fillmore, Prickly City, Day by Day, Editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez and Doonesbury. Sorry, they definitely like Doonesbury.

Do any of them follow "Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley? Probably not. An often times humorous cartoon but one which rarely uses politics the way others might.

So, I am including a few Get Fuzzy cartoons which I find amusing. Hope that you enjoy them. Possibly you may become a fan of this cartoon.
Get Fuzzy Cartoon #1 and Get Fuzzy Cartoon #2.

Bill the Splut said...

"Get Fuzzy" I've read for years.

You DO understand that Bucky the Cat is supposed to be an insane, right-wing asshole, yes? Rob's the sane, liberal voice of the strip, and Satchel's the kind-hearted but slow-witted middle-of-the-roader.

You've only read those 2 strips, haven't you?

Getting Fuzzy said...

I find those Get Fuzzy strips hilarious. But then again, I am able to identify when Get Fuzzy is being satirical.

GeoX said...

Let it be known that Anonybuffoon is under the impression that Bucky is Darby Conley's viewpoint character. That about says it all, I think. No one disillusion him about Jonathan Swift.

Also, ever notice its weird habit of talking to itself as opposed to addressing itself to us? That combined with the obsessive, inane copypasta makes me seriously suspect some sort of mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Splut...I have collected "Get Fuzzy" from the time Conley started the strip. Have traded email with him a few times.

It is a good strip and I have hundreds more which I could use. I will drop his best anti-democratic toon here some day.

Anyway thanks for explaining the strip for me, oh learned one :).

Bill the Splut said...

I hate to break it to ya, "My Name Is Anonymous, and I'm Proud of It!" but...


Wow. He gets the public option, and yet is STILL ALIVE.
I betcha hate him now!

Could you cut&paste in something now about how poutine is communist? That'd be choad, eh?

Anonymous said... are welcome. From 9 to 24 hits in a bit over two hours. It will be 30 quite soon.

Notice how the liberals who really don't have anything to say go into name calling mode. Typical!

Maybe I will drop back in another month to generate more hits and excite the troops.

Bill the Splut said...

Yo u're right, DaveyK gets paid by the comment.
He owes me like $27!!

GeoX said...

I will drop his best anti-democratic toon here some day.

Go for it, but since you're apparently stupid enough to believe that the ones you just posted are "anti-democratic," I'm not holding out much hope.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Splut...The creater of the "Get Fuzzy" strip is Darby Conley, I repeat DARBY. From Concord, Massachusetts. Got it?

CW in LA said...

Man, I'd heard about conservatives who love "The Colbert Report" thinking Colbert means the things he's saying. But I was skeptical there really were such people until this evening.

Should someone break the news to Anonyfail that the hero of "The Simpsons" isn't Mr. Burns?

Bill the Splut said...

From "GAY MARRIAGE TAXACHUSETTS, birthplace of SOCIALISM and CHAPPAQUIDDICK!!" you mean!! ANOTHER reason why you should not read Get Fuzzy!!

Wow...that month you were going away sure flew by! It seemed like only 14 minutes!

I think that you're a different anonymous guy FAKING that you're the FIRST and CRAZIER anonymous guy from this thread. Can you prove you're not? Where's your birth certificate?

Would you like some Jello?

CW in LA said...

I'm still thinking it's all one anonyturd. I mean, after an entrance flinging insults in all possible directions, there's been a fairly consistent, "Those mean ol' libruls are calling me names. It's totalitarian hate, is what it is."

Waka Jawaka said...

The first post by Bill in this thread has to be the single funniest thing I have ever read on this blog. Not only funny but dead on!Thanks for making me smile at the end of an otherwise shitty night.

Bill the Splut said...

Thank you, Waka. But I actually believe everything I said! Like most Beckers, I am that sane.

However, I think that the "Second and FAKE Anonymous" may be so EVIL as to actually play the TUBA. I have my suspicions! I will soon post a YouTube link to prove it!

exanonymous said...

Apparently I don't like or read Get Fuzzy because I'm a liberal?

Darn it, so what was I reading all those years? Got Muzzy? Get Schmuzzy? One of those had an insane cat missing a tooth.

GeoX said...

Yeah, that was good, Bill, and can I just say, Plan 9 from Outer Space reference ftw.

Tog said...

If liberals are, as Mommy's Special Little Boy Jonah Goldberg says, fascist (which seems to be what anonymous is trying to say without losing what he thinks is his moral high ground by "name-calling"), then why is it the GOP who decided that overseas detention, conviction without trial, torture, and Free Speech Zones were worthy of becoming the new Cherished American Values?

Does anonymous have a "Get Fuzzy" strip to back that up?

Rootbeer said...

As long as the President stays within the Executive staffing budget, and remains accountable for the actions of his staff, I don't give a damn how many people he appoints, or what their job titles are, or what imaginary alternative job titles the Perpetually Outraged Right coins for them.

wavydavy said...

Anonycoward at 9:04 (the one that starts "Liberal Hate...") has once again demonstrated the enormous insight of the philosopher and political theorist John Stuart Mill. In his words:

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it.

Letter to the Conservative MP, Sir John Pakington (March, 1866)

WV: boatie. What duckies like to ride in while in the bathtub.