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Monday, September 14, 2009

That damned Hulk

What's Mallard raving about today?

Disney, Marvel.

For a guy who wants Free Market solutions to everything, Mallard bitches about what the Free Market does an awful lot.

That said, I confess I thought this topic, in the hands of someone who knew how to use language, would have been funny.


Timmer said...

Again with the "Pop Tart". Is that a commonly used term in whatever bizarre subculture Mallard's involved in? Because it always just makes me think of toaster pastries and gets me all confuzzled.

Tog said...

The only thing worse than a joke that's been done by everyone and his mother (fan art forums are clogged like a truck-stop toilet with "X-Mice Origins: Gooferine," "Donald Stark is Iron Duck," "Dark Liloenix," and "Beauty & Hank McCoy" pictures) is a joke that comes long after it's already been done by everyone and his mother.

Oh, wait, there is one thing worse: Tinsley puts his own unique spin on the joke, insisting (on the basis of a couple of otherwise long-forgotten publicity stunts by long-forgotten actresses, without studio approval) that Disney's running some kind of whorehouse-based war on American culture. (See, Kim Possible's actually working for al-Queda.)

Save it up, Bruce. The annual War On Christmas hysteria is coming and it'll need everything you've got.

Which ain't much.

Nick said...

For those keeping score: That's now 3 non-political strips in a row. And 5,475 non-funny ones.

Kip W said...

I'm just stunned by today's revelation. Hulk is cross-eyed. He's a Liberal!

exanonymous said...

Frankly, a big green guy in purple pants who speaks simple sentences sounds pretty Disney to me to begin with.

GeoX said...

This would be more effective if Tinsley weren't so obviously titillated by the thought of the sexualization of young girls. Really, "pop tart?" Um...ew? That is NOT a phrase that a critic who actually cares about the issue would use. Mary Pipher he ain't.

Rootbeer said...

What the... this only happened TWO weeks ago, not three!

Listen. Mallard Fillmore has come unstuck in time.

exanonymous said...

I thought pop tart referred to the actual poptarts as in the food. Does that make me stupid?

No, it doesn't. Because unfortunately Mallard's supposedly clever word choice is countered by this:

And the wiki article on the food is the #1 google search result.

Add to that the fact that I don't search the FOX news website for the kinky going-ons of scantily clad women, and that explains my ignorance.

I like poptarts. They're a guilty breakfast.

Jazzbumpa said...

If anyone's really interested, Miley will be 17 next month.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

In reaction to Exanonymous' post, I did a little Googling myself and found several examples of the phrase "Disney pop tart," including this.

Quote: "The brunette pop tart began her career acting on 'Barney & Friends' and has since starred in a number of Disney Channel series and made-for-TV movies."

Given the nature of the article (the actress is doing charity work, for God's sake), and the other Google results, "pop tart" seems to be a phrase sexist bloggers, talk radio scumbags, and limp old men in Washington like to use to denigrate young women regardless of their behavior.

Nice company you keep there, Bruce Tinsley.

rewinn said...

When you think of Disney, if your first thought is of sexualized young girls, you'd best not publish it on the internet where your neighbors or your wife's divorce lawyer can find out.

Personally, Disney makes me think of bland talking animals that either never ever hate or, if they do, just end up looking stupid. Think Donald Duck, think Daffy Duck, think ...

...ah! now we see the problem. Poor Mallard got shut out of the Angry Ducks Club!


P.S. Do we really have to worry about Disney infecting COMIC BOOKS with unrealistic or HYPERSEXUALIZED female characters?

Anonymous said...

Personally, Disney makes me think of bland talking animals that either never ever hate or, if they do, just end up looking stupid.

No offense, but then you just don't know Disney. I know it earns one their kool-kids-klub kredentials to piss on Disney as homogenized garbage, but wouldn't you rather be accurate than lost deep in the herd?

GeoX said...

Personally, Disney makes me think of bland talking animals that either never ever hate or, if they do, just end up looking stupid. Think Donald Duck, think Daffy Duck, think ...

A. Daffy Duck is not a Disney character.

B. Donald's character, at least under ideal circumstances, is way the fuck more nuanced than you seem to think. It's almost like you don't keep up with my blog or something.

Hibryd said...

Oooh, THAT kind of Pop Tart. See, Disney does so many damn product tie-ins I assumed he was bitching about Hulk ending up on a food box. So here I was ready to point out that Marvel didn't need the Mouse's help to whore their characters out to food products and then, thanks to everyone else here, realized that it was a double-dig at Miley Cirus. (Who, it should be noted, was NOT in an official Disney photo shoot for that image.)

Iron Dragon said...

Disney buying Marvel irritates me, some of it is a bit of my inner curmudgeon worrying what will happen to the comics I loved when I was younger. Some of it is me worried that the moral guardians will be able to censor Marvel comics and movies by threatening Disney with boycotts.

Neo Tuxedo said..., what, you're just not going to post about today's strip because it's a continuation of the abject and palting stupid in this one?

exanonymous said...

Well, you know what they say.

Those who forget about 9/11 are doomed to obsess over Disney sexuality.

CW in LA said...

Am I missing something here? I realize that Disney has been on the official reich-wing shit list at least since they had the effrontery to admit that they value gay consumers' business (and there's that darn free market again).

But what's with the Disney-hate from the Tinsh? Did a youthful-looking waitress at a Disneyland restaurant refuse to serve him booze when he had no ID to show her?

Nick said...

Is that it? Disney had the effrontery to suggest that "teh gays" were also people, so wingnuts'put them on their enemies list?

I didn't realize that righties hated Disney; I always thought the opposite. Not that I'm shocked at all; the universe of things and people they like gets smaller every day.

Just in the U.S., 300 million people minus Democrats minus blacks minus Hispanics minus Mexicans minus gays minus pro-choicers minus those who believe in (universal healthcare or climate change or environmentalism or peace or diplomacy or human rights) equals, I think, two people in Fargo and maybe one in St. Louis.

wavydavy said...

Hey Nick --

My ancestors (both parents, all four grandparents) are from Fargo, and my sister currently lives there.

It's actually a pretty liberal place with a history to go along with it. Among other things, it was one of the centers of the grange movement back in the day (you know, back when people used to organize to help other people -- how quaint).

Don't judge all of Fargo by the sometimes illogical natterings of Gang of Six memeber Sen. Kent Conrad (who, believe it or not, is my first cousin once removed on my mother's side).

Now Williston, on the other hand... ;-)

WV: idicalsi. Make up your own defs, but any word with an "idi-" root clearly belongs here.