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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

What's Mallard raving about today?

Memorial Day

If you really cared, Mallard, you'd have been an actual detractor of the war in Iraq and demanded more from the war in Afghanistan.

As it is, you have no stead to wrap yourself in the flag.


Tog said...

Today, Tinsley thanks God for dead soldiers. Well, at least THIS time he used his own words (I'm assuming).

I suppose those who have suffered mental and physical devastation, but haven't actually DIED, can go to hell (unless they're directly related to Bruce Tinsley) because they're just too much trouble to deal with.

Next week: Tinsley celebrates these cherished freedoms with another round of caterwauling about paying taxes and airport patdowns on white people.

Anonymous said...

BT - Thanks for the strips the past two days.

Memorial Day! Thank you to those who have sacrificed so that we may live in freedom.

CW in LA said...

Well, this is a new development; usually our trolls for hire prefer to ignore the Tinsh for the embarrassment he is.

Frank Stone said...

Brucie loves our deceased veterans so much he couldn't even be bothered to draw a grave marker that didn't look like a mass of drunken scribbles.

You probably didn't notice it while you were reading the paper, Mallard, but there are also stories that reveal that some kinds of freedom are being more "fiercely guarded" than others these days -- the freedom to commit tax fraud by hiding your corporation's income in fake businesses in the Cayman Islands, for example. Or the freedom to increase the profit margins of big businesses by taking away the rights of workers. Or the freedom to risk poisoning entire ecosystems with deep-water drilling operations whose safety measures are flawed by design.

Meanwhile, today's "Doonesbury" reminds us that that strip contains a number of recurring characters who are either veterans or active service personnel -- a much more thoughtful and honest tribute to our armed forces than paying lip service to them once or twice a year.

Kip W said...

Tin, of course, is of the party that believes it's better to wave the flag harder and higher than it is to provide sufficient armor for your troops or give them aid when they are damaged fighting your war (or giving their all in a domestic terror attack).

Nothing funny there, but then finding humor in the vicinity of Mallard Filmore is a sort of art, like seeing pretty pictures in ink blots.

Rootbeer said...

Fuck yourself off, you ghastly piece of excrement.

The servicemen and women who have given all for my nation (and my hometown) did not do so that you could shit out a crude picture of a helmet and a rifle and get paid for it.

rewinn said...

Talk is cheap.

"House Republicans voted to eliminate a $75 million program that offers housing vouchers to homeless veterans - brave men and women who served to protect our freedom at home and abroad who have fallen on hard times. In January 2009, more than 75,000 veterans were homeless and over the course of the year nearly twice that many (136,000) spent at least one night in a homeless shelter. [HR1, Vote #147, 2/19/11; USA Today, 2/10/11]"

Republicans voted against continuing emergency mortgage assistance to service members, veterans, and gold star families. No group of homeowners has been hit harder by the foreclosure crisis than members of our military and their families. In military towns, the foreclosure rate is four times higher than the national average. [HR 836, Vote #173, 3/15/11]

Republicans rejected an effort to restore a housing lifeline for homeowners, who are active duty service members, their spouses or parents or Gold Star families - ensuring the Home Affordable Modification Program continues to assist those who serve and sacrifice on behalf of our nation's security. [HR 839, Vote #197, 3/29/11]

More at

Anonymous said...

What's that turban doing on the rifle?
And isn't this the same drawing from last year?