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Monday, May 23, 2011

That damned Idiom

What's Mallard raving about today?

Royal Wedding, Osama Bin Laden

Points given for an actual attempt at something recognizable as humor.


Tog said...

I'll give BIG props to anyone who can explain what the hell point Batshit's trying to make here.

If any.

Kip W said...

I'd put this on my fridge, but it's so hard to get behind it.

CW in LA said...

"Somebody" = the closest the Tinsh will ever come to giving pres. Obama credit.

Frank Stone said...

Coming soon: Mallard whining that Bush and his torture program aren't being given enough credit for (eventually, years later) locating and killing bin Laden. Because that's what the Bush Admin officials were doing two weeks ago.

DiR said...

I didn't care about the wedding either, but I just ignored it.

Clunky, but mostly harmless.

Tog said...

Oh, wait, I get it now; Batshit HAD to make a reference to OBL's death, but also had to deny its significance because, you know, Obama.

rewinn said...

This is definitely the best Mallard Fillmore ever, since it's not hateful and actually a bit clever.
The drawing is mediocre (? why is the girl so unhappy?) and the grammar is incorrect ("only news" should be "news only") but these are not terrible failings.

But at last we understand why killing bin Ladn was so important: it freed Mallard Fillmore from watching the royal wedding. This explains why Geo. W Bush never bothered: he was saving it up!