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Monday, May 16, 2011

Those damned Birthers

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Birthers

First of all, 30% of Republicans still believe President Obama was not born in the U.S. even after he released his Birth Certificate. There was never an real worry that showing proof they were wrong would make the lunatic fringe go away, since this was never a reality-based belief anyway.

Second, I don't think anyone needs to worry about a dearth of crazy Republican conspiracy theorists for the next 18 months. If 100% of Birthers gave up this particular conspiracy, the only remaining question would be: what crazy conspiracy will replace it?

Way to cleave to the Talking Points, though. The whole Birther thing was President Obama's fault...he wanted republicans to look crazy and tricked them into going along with the plan! He's a crafty Nigerian...I mean American.

Unfortunately, you're a couple of weeks late and events have overtaken those Birther talking points.


Tog said...

Yeah, it's not like Batshit's milked any of these wacko DEATH ideas PANELS himself ZOMG ABLACK OSAMA GONNA KILL YO PO GRAMMOMMA or anything like that, right?

Frank Stone said...

To paraphrase Jon Stewart: Oh, Brucie -- are you EVER right?

(Hint: The answer is "no".)

Beef Wellington said...

Q:Which cartoon pannelist often thinks,draws,then submitts his ramblings in a drunken stupor?

A: Bruce Tinsley

Tog said...

Upon retrospect, I am astonished by the abruptness with which Batshit threw a major segment of his beloved teabaggers under the bus.

Somewhere, his "confused little old lady" teabagger character is sobbing, "I just have reasonable questions about the issue!" and wondering how her very own grandson could turn on her like this after all she's done for him...

Kip W said...

Putting it in terms Tinsley understands, the crafty Obama is always one Candy Land card ahead.

Steve-O said...

This "comic" makes absolutely zero sense (I know, saying that about a Mallard "comic" is pretty much an oxymoron). Anyway, if the president wanted this birther nonsense to continue he WOULDN'T HAVE PROVIDED HIS LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE! What is Bruce Tinsley trying to say here? Really, I don't get it.

Bill the Splut said...

Mallard Fillmore, 1920:
(black man strung up from a tree's dying words): "I got myself lynched for the attention!"

Fuck you and the scapegoat you rode in on, Bruce.

Rootbeer said...

If the birther controversy had gone away, which it hasn't, why would Obama be disappointed that it had, when he intentionally took steps to make it go away by releasing the long-form certifict?

It is probably true, however, that the sustained frothing of the birther bloc is going to work in Obama's favor in 2012.

Anonymous said...

This whole, stupid "birther" thing makes one thing apparent: A bigger fuss should have been made years ago. It could be claimed that G.W. Bush was never legally elected as President, since an official recount of the Florida votes had never been completed. The claims of the birthers are ridiculous in comparison.

DiR said...

"The whole Birther thing was President Obama's fault...he wanted republicans to look crazy and tricked them into going along with the plan!"

Laurel and Hardy, eh? Another nice mess you've gotten me into.

rewinn said...

The whole birther thing is Obama's fault?