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Thursday, May 19, 2011

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Gas Prices

And yet, Republicans do not favor reduction of welfare for Oil Companies nor regulation of the financial industry to prevent speculation artificially driving up prices.

That said, only Elitists travel outside America,'s all for the best.


DiR said...

Nevermind that!
Bruce just told the world that he enjoys cross dressing! And fueling cars!
That's not even his car.
He just ran up and started fueling it.
In drag.

Yes yes, faggy Europe is foreign. We get it.

Tog said...

"Why'd anyone wanna go Yurp anyways? They's all Yurp-peein's! Huh huh huh! Yew see whut Ah did there?"

Wait a second, is this little ol' 'bagger-lady hoping for a personal government bailout? Or am I just reading too much into what's merely mindless bitching?

Oh, right, it's Mallard Fillmore. It's just mindless bitching.

Anonymous said...

If Bruce were actually brave enough to travel to Europe, he might notice (if not blinded by his bigotry) that many Europeans have a standard of living that is higher than that of many Americans. Particularly since Bush and the Republicans (with help of their masters) trashed our economy. Even some former Soviet-block countries are starting to catch up.

Rootbeer said...

Europe is good! Europe is bad! Fuck, I don't know! Whatever, Democrats suck!

Steve-O said...

I guess Mallard forgot to mention the superior nature of Europe's mass transit systems. Oh well, why let the facts get in the way of a jab at liberals.

Kip W said...

Undoubtedly, our free enterprise system is working as it should. We drive places (Don't even think about riding a bike, or the duck will mock you. Mock! Mock!) and the money makes oil speculators and executives wealthy. Tin will be on hand to explain why it's the fault of people who aren't actually benefitting from it, and then he'll get his handout.

rewinn said...

Does Mallard understand the connection between record gas prices and record oil company profits?

David in NYC said...

Last time I checked (today), gas prices per gallon in Europe:

$8.06 England
$8.77 Italy
$8.98 Germany
$9.64 Netherlands

Given that the average USA price is about $4/gallon, Brucie is only off by something more than 100%. So, in other words, the typical accuracy we have come to know and love from him.

Now, OTOH, if you asked him the price of a gallon of "research"...