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Monday, May 09, 2011

That damned Chimp

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Bush.

It's totally incomprehensible how anyone could believe that racism fuels opposition to President Obama.

I  mean, we've had 44 Presidents in our history and questions about whether they were actually born in America have been asked of each and every one. So, what's your point?


Tog said...

Mr. Noseworthy doesn't mention "racism" anywhere in his rant. Too bad, because a blatant bigot like Tinsley using his long-standing media-controlling-Jew stereotype to play straw man over racism would be just too damned ironic.

The image in the e-mail depicted Obama's PARENTS as chimpanzees...not chimpanzee-like human caricatures, but outright chimps.

But racism's dead! Tinsley has said so! So it's TOTALLY not racist to depict a black man as the child of monkeys! (Mallard: "I don't GET it! How is THAT racist? Stupid n****rs! ...NOW what? What?!?")

And is that where Mallard sets the bar? "The other side did it, so that makes it okay?" I seem to recall the wrong-wing pundits delivering a variety of lectures against that very idea--but hey, IOIYAR and this would hardly be Tinsley's first brush with bald-faced hypocrisy (or attacking family members, or defense of racism).

Also, the picture in question was a "joke" between Birthers.

Bruce Tinsley: Last Defender of Birtherism. And Complete Racist Bastard.

deepbeep said...

Yeah, remember all those emails calling Bush a nigger?

DiR said...

I remember all those emails of Bush as a medicine man with a bone through his nose.

Mr World said...

I dunno, I was pretty offended by those pictures of Bush as a chimp.

I mean, I know a lot of chimp families and they're all really intelligent and well-mannered. They're nothing like that simpleton we had in office for eight years.

Kip W said...

"Oh, wait. These aren't Photoshops, they're just photos of Bush. Which is somehow central to my point!"

Steve-O said...

Hey Tinsley, you idiotic hack:

Get back to me when a black person calling a white person a monkey has been a racial slur for over 200 years. Otherwise, fuck off.



CW in LA said...

Oh sure, and photoshops of the White House with a watermelon patch and pics of the first lady altered to make her look like a chimpanzee were also quite common during the Shrub years.

It's remarkable how after all this time the Tinsh can still astonish with his idiocy and/or dishonesty.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

That's what makes him so goshdarn special!

Frank Stone said...

Another tone-deaf variation on one of Tinsley's two "jokes": "LIBRULZ AR HIPOCRITS HUR HUR!"

The real tragedy here is the likelihood that Brucie really doesn't comprehend the difference between depicting Bush as a chimp and depicting Obama as a chimp. 'Cuz, like, y'know, Brucie's totally not a racist prick.

WV: bratrag: What Brucie calls teen magazines (when he's not reading them under the covers with a flashlight late at night).

Erich said...

Judging by the fact that Mallard is interacting with Mr. Noseworthy once again, I guess he's gotten his job back (through no effort of his own, I might add). Not that Tinsely could be bothered to show this development actually happening.

Kip W said...

Erich, if Tin took the time to depict action and events in his strip, how would he have time for the important business of showing the duck passively sprawled in front of the tube in a state of semiconsciousness? Let's be reasonable!

rewinn said...

Remember how someone photoshopped a picture of George W Bush in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner?

Boy, that sure was a cheap shot, coming years before thousands of America troops kept on dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and while bin Ladn roamed free.

Man, would that ever happen to Obama?