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Thursday, May 05, 2011

That damned Indignation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Foreign Policy

Hypocrisy, thy name is Mallard.

Invade Iraq for no reason? I'll be silent when the President is Republican. Assist Rebels against a dictator notorious for supporting terrorists? Unconscionable when the President is Democratic.

But, hypocrisy aside, please keep up with the Foreign Policy angle, there Mallard. It's a real winner for you.


Tog said...

Well, Rewinn, you DID ask.

Methinks Tinsley forgot to add "Liberal" to the title of today's strip. Whoooooops. The Masters will NOT be pleased.

Remind us: who basically sold our country to China to fund the Great Quagmire-Slash-Moneylaundering Project? If Batshit wasn't such a servile coward, I'd almost think he DIDN'T forget!

WV: deden. Alkyhol dedenz teh shaim ov bein Bruse Tisnley.

Kip W said...

True, he didn't actually write "Liberals" on this, but they're cross-eyed and ugly, so that's covered.

deepbeep said...

Countries act out of pragmatic self-interest rather than altruism? Stop the presses!

Tinsley could still have a point if he was advocating staying out of the Middle East, but I get the impression he wants to invade China.

DiR said...

This is more a dig regarding China, who Tins believes is full of nothing but a billion dog-eating, Christian beating slant-eyes who want to turn America into a giant rice paddy.

It's still dumb (why bother with "Early Years"? Cavemen didn't have money.) and hypocritical (See any of his strips re: Venezuela, Iraq), not to mention lazy and asinine.

So, yeah, an average MF strip.

rewinn said...

@Tog - It's my fault. When I asked if "Mallard Fillmore" could possibly get any worse, I must not have been clear enough that I was not offering a challenge.

I mean, seriously. Today's "comic" would not look out of place in a high school newspaper, but it wouldn't get an "A".

Kip W said...

"Hi, this is Kip W. I'm not at my desk right now, but if you'll phone in your dumb comic strip, I'll do my best to pretend that it is capable of exciting even the dim quasi-emotion of irritation. Thanks, and death to the Great Satan!"