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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

That damned Honk

What's Mallard raving about today?

Air Traffic Controllers

Luckily for everyone, Mallard Fillmore's job is 100% non-essential, given that he's been asleep at it for the last 2 years, at least.


dlauthor said...

I'm a little surprised that we haven't had an "Obama is never going to find bin Laden" strip yet this week.

rewinn said...

1. Destroy air-traffic controller union
2. Cut staffing below safe levels
3. Complain when the inevitable safety problems arise
5. PROFIT!!!

Anonymous said...

"1. Destroy air-traffic controller union" - Wow, and it only took 25 years to have this effect!

Chyron HR said...

Wow, and it only took 25 years to have this effect!

Whereas Obama destroyed the economy so fast it happened before he'd even won the election!

Tog said...

I feel compelled to point out to Logic-Impaired Anon that: [first discovery or public report of a problem] does not equal [first occurrence of a problem].

Also: as is the case with so many other serious problems caused by Republican Self-Regulating-Free-Market Ignorant Stupidity, them stoopit liburulz warned us this would be one result of Reagan's union-busting insanity.

@Chyron HR: Well, he DOES have that time machine he used to go back and put fake birth notices in the...oh, wait, we're not chasing that anymore. LOL BIRTHERS

Bill the Splut said...

I chuckled at this. If every one of his strips wasn't some predigested talking point vomited by a right wing parrot into his mouth, I'd grant him this one. But it's probably his usual "I hate people who work for a living!" attitude. Because he sure doesn't.

DiR said...


So Ducks is watching a movie at 3AM?

To build on Tog: widespread public acknowledgment of a problem =/= first occurrence of problem.

ajm said...

It was vaguely relevant and had the recognizable structure of a joke. So I liked it.

rewinn said...

@Tog has it right: Anonymous Coward thinks that just because he's only just now discovered a problem, it's not the result of something that happened earlier.

You can save a lot of money by not changing the oil in your car. It can actually keep going an aweful long time until something bad happens. By Anonymous Coward's logic, that means the inevitable breakdown is not the fault of skipping the oil change.