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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Those damned TVs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Television, Technology.

Average Americans may need a break not a lecture. But that won't stop Mallard from lecturing to all but 4 of us.


DiR said...

Those wide-screen HDTVs probably taste horrible, anyways...

Tog said...

Funny...Tinsley's usually on the side of bottomless, endless self-indulgence; you know, MALLARD HAET STOOPIT EARF DEY VEGEN HIPPIES and all that egotistical nonsense.

Whatsamatter, Bruce? Tornado touch down a little too close for comfort?


Kip W said...

This strip might possibly have been at least humor-neutral if the duck was taken out.

It would have been funny if the duck was taken out and shot.

rewinn said...

@Kip is right.

What is the "joke" here? That movies are formatted DIFFERENTLY than ordinary TVs, so they are often reformatted (e.g. letterboxed or something). But Hi-Def TVs don't need that treatment so maybe TV channels will start mocking those who haven't cut over.

It's a weak premise but at least it's not hateful. It depends on the reader identifying with the people who have ordinary TVs, and then feeling oppressed by the nasty media types who oppress them. Or something.

So where does the duck fit in? Does the duck have a widescreen or not? And if not ... are we supposed to feel sympathy because the duck, like us, are being Oppressed By The Man?

If you want to make a wide-screen TV joke, then make a wide-screen TV joke! SHOW THE D@MN WIDE SCREEN TV!!!! and by that I don't mean the back, but the front --- where there is a screen, and it's wide.

Or show an ordinary TV with a wide picture on it squashed up. Or something. There are LOTS of comic possibilities with the underlying humor concept, but they ALL depend on drawing something other than a duck with no pants.

It's really time to bring Dick Cheney into Mallard Fillmore for a little "face time".

CW in LA said...

I have a Luddite TV, and it annoys me when the programming is formatted to HD sets so the picture is all tiny. But whatever tripe Mallard is watching is formatted for primitive sets.

My questions: What the flaming hell is the Tinsh b!tching about here? Does he even know himself at this point?

Steve-O said...

Wow, Tinsley has finally acknowledged that the economy is turning around. How else to explain how everyone in the country can afford big-ass HDTV's?