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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Those damned Doctors

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard, the compliment about Dr. Singhal (who doesn't keep patients waiting all day) would probably make more sense if it was not paid from the waiting room.

I know it's asking a lot for you to think of, let alone draw, people in a state of anything other than inactivity (art reflects what we know, after all, both mentally and physically).


Kip W said...

Why is Mallard at the vet by himself? Shouldn't his owner be there to scratch him on the head if he needs a shot?

Randy said...

Is Mallard complaining about the outcome of the Glorious Free Market again? His masters will not be pleased!

Frank Stone said...

Is this a new one for Brucie? We all know the boundless contempt he holds for Liberals and teachers, but doctors?

Lucky for you, Brucie, that doctors are bound by an oath to do no harm -- otherwise your doctor might be inclined to have some "fun" at your expense during your next visit.

Andrew said...

Mallard, of course, isn't at the doctor's office as a patient. Rather, he's there to provide samples of duck down and guano for scratch tests.

Verification: pauts- what Mallard will be doing once he finds out Osama bin Laden was killed on President Obama's watch. Or possibly how Tinsdale spells what Mallard doesn't wear.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Ha! Based on yesterday's comic, you thought Tinsley was a racist, DIDN'T YOU? But as you can SEE he's actually a BIG FAN of those inscrutable Eastern doctors! I think SOMEONE owes the man an apology!

Steve-O said...

Is there no limit to the amount and type of people that Bruce Tinsley hates?

Tog said...

Mallard isn't there to see a doctor, he's just there to bitch about doctors.

And if this particular doc is a real person, all kinds of questions arise:

...Is Tinsley stalking this person? (After all, he's one of those "classy" Republicans, with an obvious fetish for Asians that just proves how not-racist he is.)

...Is Tinsley using his little soapbox for paid advertising? (If so, you might want your money back, doc.) Or is this Tinsley's way of "bring(ing) a chicken to the doctor?"

Brian said...

Wait a minute! Mallard is currently unemployed, his health insurance has probably ended (even Mallard probably wouldn't pay for COBRA coverage) and with unemployment, he's currently making a small fraction of what he did but instead of complaining about how people without money can't afford to go the doctor, he's complaining about waiting at the doctor.

Awesome priorities.

Andrew said...

Tog called it- Dr. Singhal is an actual allergist in Columbus, Indiana. Don't know why Tinsley had a reason to mention the good doctor, but there it is.

Verification: mutsesch- "As mutsesch I'd like to pay you, doc, theesh cartoony shtuff doeshn't pay enough for you AND the whishkey. Why don' I jus' put ya in a shtrip?"