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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That damned Dinosaur

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dinosaurs, Racists

Are there some species of dinosaur not assumed to be extinct of which I am not aware?

This panel sets a record for the most unnecessary words in a single sentence.


Bill the Splut said...

"America isn't racist!" says the guy who scrawled a Birther strip yesterday.

Tog said...

I'll believe it when Batshit holds Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps to the same ridicule he's subjected Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Kip W said...

He draws the pictures and the balloons first, and then some time later he has to think of text to go in them, and sometimes he has to pump up the wordage so that people won't notice that the white area looks so much better than the parts he's drawn on.

I can't help thinking that Mark Twain would have a field day with this clown.

And racism? What's that? The Democrats made that illegal, over our strenuous opposition, so now there's a level playing field, except that the white European Christian male is discriminated against by everybody else, among other quaintly self-contradictory thoughts held by Tin's demographic.

Steve-O said...

In the batshit rightwingosphere the only racism that exists is reverse racism against the poor oppressed rich white person.

I know I've said this before but it's never been more prescient: Fuck You Bruce Tinsley!

dlauthor said...

Yes, because *"Common's a thug"* there's no sign that *"food-stamp President"* racism is still *"how'd he get into Harvard"* a force in American *"Michelle Obama likes tamales"* discourse today.

Of course, Tinshley sets up the goalposts for his convenience by claiming that the declaration is that "America is racist" rather than "there still is racism in America." Clearly it's easier to find your car keys after nine beers than it is to understand the nuances (FAGGY FRENCH LIBRUL WORD ALERT!) of the English language.

digger said...

Clearly, Tinsley is reusing pictures and "jokes" (I use the term loosely in this context). Years ago, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch dropped the comic strip "Cathy", citing these same transgressions. One wonders why they don't hold Tinsly's strip to the same standards.

Rootbeer said...


Outrage because of the author's denial that there is racism.

WTF because none of the words or images have any relevance to anything else.

Head slap for myself because I keep expecting better than this.

Pity because I don't believe the author is capable of any better than this.

Yawn because there isn't a shred of thoughtfulness anywhere in the execution of this comic strip.

Agree because America IS still racist.

Toots McGee said...

I opened up a box of cereal this morning and the prize inside was a shotglass with "America is racist!" on it.

I went to the museum of natural history yesterday and saw the cave man exhibit where the caveman was watching tv in his cave and he was watching a movie about a college professor who was yelling "America is racist!" at his students.

I was driving to work last week and a cop pulled me over and yelled at me to put on my seatbelt or I'd be arrested for driving while racist and he had an Obama commemorative coin which he ultimately ended up flipping to determine whether I would be arrested for racism. I got off that time, but when I got to work, protest singers were picketing my office building and I asked them what was up. They said I was racist and they were going to kill my grandmother unless I renounced the New Black Panther Party and took my kids out of public school. Other grannies had gotten wind of their scheme and they were gathered counter protesting until a Sherman tank rolled up with NEA logos plastered on it and they rolled over all the grannies and ground them to dust. A small asian boy picked up one of the blood spattered placards that the dead grannies dropped and scurried back to his state run public schools to ask his teachers what the meaning of all this was. He had no idea his teachers were driving the tank, but he didn't find out because he was late for his standardized test. It was his third of the week!

When I got home from work, I opened a letter from the IRS that said I was going to be audited for trying to deduct medical expenses of having a penis implanted on my chin for four years in a row. I had never made such claims (even though my granny told me that the president would probably like it if we all surgically attached penises to our chins, so we could prove that we weren't granny has been know to take a nip of "the recipe" from time to time). I think the IRS has me confused with someone else because the expenses I was claiming were for the 27 abortions my daughter had over the time period in question. Knowing my daughter and the corruptive influences of all the poptarts that she follows on her Twitterphone, I know that these babies could probably be racist, so I get them aborted, just in case and I know that this is what Obamacare is for and hopefully the IRS gets with the program soon enough because I'm afraid that they are going to cut power to my house and roll in tanks (again!) and I hope I don't run out of anti-racist pills like last time.

Frank Stone said...

The ducky doth protest too much, methinks.

I thought for a moment that the dinosaur was supposed to be Keith Olbermann (he's done a Special Comment or two on the subject), but I couldn't tell if he was supposed to be wearing glasses -- and anyway, even Brucie would have devoted a bit more effort to making the likeness somewhat recognizable. Wouldn't he?

(Yes, of course I'm kidding. We all know Brucie wouldn't recognize artistic effort if it strapped him into one of those Clockwork Orange chairs that holds your eyelids open with little hooks.)

rewinn said...

In defense of America, the land that I love, many other nations are racist too.

Racism is a disease, or perhaps a genetic defect, planted deep in humanity. Denying it doesn't make it go away anymore than denying the link between cigarettes and cancer; it just makes you look stupid.

ajm said...

FWIW, Psychology Today ran an article on its website the other day titled "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?"

They took it down, though, I guess they got Tinsley's memo that racism just doesn't exist in America anymore.

Kaitlyn said...

Holy shit this is horrible.

If normal people paid attention to this comic, there would be complaints. And they'd be ignored and mocked.

But if there's a positive mention of Obama in Family Circus, all hell will break loose.

CW in LA said...

I'd guess that, if there's a positive mention of Obama in Family Circus, all hell will have frozen over: Not big progressives, the Keanes.

On the other hand, they're not humongous, blatant wingnut welfare queens, at least.