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Friday, May 27, 2011

That damned Sign

What's Mallard raving about today?

Emailers, Signs

Mallard Fillmore is shocked, shocked I tell you, to find that everyone does not share his precise world view.

I mean, how can that be true since his views are exactly what Fox says they should be?


DiR said...

"God, my readers are fucking stupid"

Well, points for honesty.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I know who would carry a "torture to death everyone outside he Deep South, because he is a nigger" sign: Bruce Tinsley. It would be much less comprehensible, but the sentiment would be the same.

Word Verifiation: Wingr, too easy.

Randy said...

Well, they've got a point, considering Tinshley's never been afraid to show a rather swarthy skin on "those people", and the hand holding the sign looks pretty pasty white to me. Could very well be a teabagger carrying that sign, judging by both its content and the shade of the hand.

Tog said...

There are two sorts of folk I've seen waving "Death to America" signs:

(1) People from countries in which occupying US forces "accidentally" launch bombs and missiles into wedding parties, schools, and residential neighborhoods on a regular basis; and

(2) Westboro Baptist.

Because Westboro Baptist is a pack of bigoted white pseudochristians--like his own creator--I know Mallard isn't pissed off at THEM. So he must be talking about Them Dang Ol' Brown People he wants to discriminate against or blow up in order to make them like us and be more like us.

But I DO like how Mallard neglects to suggest the angry letter-writers are Stoopit Liberulz. Batshit recently shoved Birth-baggers under the bus, and now he's assaulting those who are so astonishingly ignorant of the world at large that they don't even recognize his dogwhistles.

I can't imagine he's doing this deliberately. But really, who's more likely to write such an email? Liberals or teabaggers?

(The ultimate irony being that in their heyday teabaggers were far more excited about overthrowing the American government and murdering our leaders than the most radical Berkeley hippie.)

Still, credit where it's due: yesterday I said Batshit wouldn't revisit his clumsy phony-email shtick so quickly, and he proved me wrong. Golf clap for a SPECIAL Boy!

Kip W said...

"It's May 26th, and I just thought of a snappy retort to an email I got on the April 18th strip: 'Well, DUHHH!'

"So much for my critics!"

rewinn said...

Maybe I just hang around a different sort of person than Brewsky does, but MY mailbag is pretty much full of smarter stuff, e.g. links to Salon's "Five political books that were doomed before they were even published" which I promise is both funnier and more intelligent than any week of Mallard Fillmore.

dlauthor said...

This just in: the voices in Tinshley's head have learned how to send mail while he's blacked out.

Maybe next they can be trained to start his car, roll up the windows, and hook a vacuum cleaner hose up to the exhaust pipe.

JimasDwight said...

Fact: Bears eat Beets

The Engineer said...

This is a great site. I find Mallard to be delightful irrit-ainment. I need somewhere to rail about him.

Bill the Splut said...

The online archive only saves his strips for a month, so it's interesting that he waited a month and a week before commenting...almost as if he didn't want anyone to see what the original strip said.

Anonymous said...

Bill the Splut said...The online archive only saves his strips for a month, so it's interesting that he waited a month and a week before commenting...almost as if he didn't want anyone to see what the original strip said.

Wrong again. The on-line archive that I have goes back through 2004.

Randy said...

Anony-whatever, notice that the site that we use for links here is the Seattle PI. I use a different one myself, which goes back to 2008 or so, I think. If you've got a bigger one that you're just itching to show off, why don't you go ahead and show it to us? Or is your only reason for bringing it up to taunt us?

Oh, and I suppose, since I mentioned the pale hand in the Apr. 18 one, I should provide some sort of link, so everyone can see:
You'll probably need to copy the URL & paste into the address bar.

rewinn said...

@Anonymous Coward - no-one believes someone who claims to have a link to someone and fails to provide the link

@Randy - thanks for the link to the comic Mallard's talking about. The image clearly shows that today's "comic" content is garbage (...that the art is lazy and the "humor" nonexistant" goes without saying)

The April "comic" asserts that the Arab Spring uprising is by people who hate America, and no-one who has been following the news can think so. To the contrary, the uprising is lead and largely populated by people tired of tyrants whether supported by or opposed by America's government; the anti-American minority is conspicuous by their irrelevance.

For Brewsky Tinshley to claim otherwise is simply a lie, and for him to do so by claiming superior knowledge of "the news" is, at best, the know-nothing arrogance of the rightwing alcoholic.

This BTW must be an additional torment for the soul of bin Ladn in Hades: the people of the Middle East are rejecting their oppressive governments AND rejecting him.

Anonymous said...

Rewinn - The "tyrants" you speak of are being replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who want Israel gone.

If those who want liberty believe as you obviously do, they are in for a huge surprise. If they thought the 'tyrants' were bad let's see what happens in a few years.

Sadly, the current President of our country sides with the Muslims, but this is no surprise.

There will never be peace in the Middle East until Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushed to do what he does not want to do, use force to remove many of his enemies.

The Oval Office speech he gave was great. He also gave the 'boy wonder' president a history lesson. He told him “Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967.”

Lastly, why should I give the URL to people who live to belittle a semi-conservative cartoonist who is making more money than any of you have ever made? If he has seen this blog I am certain he finds it quite humorous.

There have been a few of your D&C friends who have actually wished BT death because he pens a cartoon. This is sick. This is not the way a 'normal' human being thinks.

sffan12 said...

@Anon, No, the real 'tyrants' are the neo-cons who are using the last decade's so-called 'war on terror' for their own ends. Especially, the "Christians" and not just the "Muslims" who have far more in common with each other than you or any so-called 'conservative' will ever admit.

And as for these 'death threats' you mention, what about the ones that people like Keith Olbermann or Rachael Maddow get on a daily basis via Twitter or their blogs? Or are they as much the enemy as your so-called 'Muslim Brotherhood'? If anything, I'm more concerned about the 'Christian Brotherhood' that's trying to re-take what they feel is theirs & they don't care who gets hurt along the way.

DiR said...

So what's a little genocide so long as Israel gets what they want? I mean really, fellas.

Hey, if they want to start a war with ever country between Gaza and India, they can feel free. Have fun, lemme know how it turns out.
Just don't drag us into it.

I don't get why the right loves Israel so much. We wouldn't have to deal with half the shit we have to deal with right now if the Allies hadn't invented it after WWII.

But it's cute that you equate how much money one makes to how valid they are. It's the pro-everyday Joe stance that's REALLY winning the hearts and minds of the nation!
Also, Democrats are the REAL elitists!

Now get on out of here, scamp! it's a beautiful day, and your mom wouldn't want you wasting it inside talking to grown up on the internet!

Kip W said...

It's the Republican measure of a man: money! Consequently, as Sean Kelly once pointed out, the standard Republican 'joke' is "If they (the poor, the disabled, minorities) are so great, why aren't they (rich, abled, white)?"

Anonymous said...

Dir - The 'grown ups' who receive their news from MSNBC? The same 'grown up' lefttist commies who want to see the demise of Israel? No surprise Obama was elected.